Tuesday, October 29, 2019

The Perfect Gift for the Ultimate Lego Fan: Brick Loot! {A Holiday Gift Guide Review + Discount}

**I received a complimentary October Brick Loot box for consideration. Post contains affiliate links. All thoughts are 100% my own. 

My kids love Legos!

Let's be honest though... is there any kids that don't? There is a reason that they are so popular after all- they appeal to many for a variety of reasons. My son loves the construction aspect of it. He loves following the instructions step by step and creating cool designs. For him, it's rather calming.

For my daughter, it's the creativity of it. While she's not quite gotten the hang of the actual building part of it yet, she loves the scenes they create and using her imagination to bring them to life.

Not only do they both enjoy their Legos for different reasons, I love that there truly are options for every kid no matter their interests.

As Christmas quickly approaches, I find myself looking for gift ideas and Legos always top the list. But with so many options to choose... how can we narrow it down?

Today, I'm excited to share a unique gift idea for the Lego fan on your list: Brick Loot.

So, what exactly IS Brick Loot?

Brick Loot is a box subscription company for LEGO and Brick fanatics! Our subscribers will receive a monthly box filled with unique, custom and never-before-seen items that work with LEGO bricks and custom building. Each month your Brick Loot box is filled with 4-8 items that were hand picked by Brick specialists who scour the world for the newest and coolest products for you to collect.
Pretty cool, right? Even cooler is the fact that it was dreamed up and created by a 9-year-old! Let's be honest, who knows what kids like better than a fellow kid? Creator Parker Krex is 15 now and still plays an active part in the company. Not only is this a product that kids will love, it also has that story behind it that I think kids will really enjoy hearing about too and one that they can be encouraged by.

But what's in the boxes?

Here is a look inside October's box:

Each box has a new theme. October's theme was Food Cart Frenzy. The box is filled with various small kits and accessories that go along with those themes. These one for instance has two food carts (a sushi and an ice cream), a bike, some minifigures, street signs plus a fun patch too. It really is everything you need to create a little scene. Having gotten a few Brick Loot boxes over the last few years, there are two things that I really love about Brick Loot more than anything. First, I love that they include exclusive builds. For a Lego collector that seems to have it all, it can be tough to figure out what they have and what they need, so you can rest assured they are getting something unique with these. I also love that it's not JUST the building kits, but also the fun collectible type things as well. My son loved the patch in this one, but it's just one of the many possibilities you can receive each month. Our first Brick Loot box even included a fun Lego shaped candy mold!

And more importantly, they are made with REAL LEGO Bricks! 

I don't know if you've ever gotten generic Legos, but in our experience... they don't tend to work as well. The creations fall apart easily and they don't connect as well to the real Legos already in my son's collection. That can cause a lot of frustration. When I first heard of Brick Loot, I was hesitant about it because I feared that same thing... but they actually are made with 100% genuine Lego Bricks, with builds specifically designed for the subscription. With that, you know you are getting a quality set that your kid will love!

You can purchase just one box, or save by ordering a monthly subscription instead. Why limit the giving just to the holidays? This is a gift that you can give them all year long! And you can save 10% through November 22 when you use the code lego10 at checkout! 
Next month's theme is all about the skate park... a theme that I know my own son will enjoy! Hurry over and order yours today!

If you have a Lego fan on your holiday shopping list this year and you're looking for the perfect gift, Brick Loot is a fantastic option! You can learn more and connect at the links below:

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