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Frankie's Scared of Everything {A Book Review + Howl-O-Ween Giveaway Hop Event}

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**I received a complimentary copy of this book from Media Masters Publicity for consideration. All thoughts are 100% my own. 

You would be scared too if your own brain was out to get you!

The world can be a dark place. More and more we find ourselves and our children feeling overwhelmed by the unknown and the pressures of society. This book helps instill early on the fact that our fears can be our greatest strengths.

Follow Frankie as their imagination runs wild creating robots, beasts, sea creatures, and even a mole man on this technicolor adventure.

Being afraid has never looked so fun.

Mathew Franklin is a tattoo artist, painter, graphic designer, and musician. After receiving degrees in painting and photography from Miami University he immediately became a staple in the art scene in Columbus, Ohio where he currently resides.

In my house--- and especially with my daughter--- imagination is everything. I like to think that if you have a big imagination, you can NEVER be bored. And while this is certainly true and is one of the great things about having an imaginative child, that also comes with it's downfalls. I've often said that as someone with both anxiety and a big imagination, I can come up with a lot of unique and out of the box ways to worry. The same can be said about our kids with overactive imaginations too. While imagination can be good at playtime, at bedtime is turns the shadows into monsters, the creaking house into haunted halls, the fun into fear. I know I've certainly seen it in myself as a child, and occasionally with my daughter as well. Sound like a familiar scenario in your house?

If so, Frankie's Scared of Everything is a book you MUST add to your collection. After all, it's all about a kiddo who lets his imagination run wild and fears what it creates. However, in the end he sees that all of these fears are of his own mind's creation... isn't that a great lesson for kids? I think it's particularly great at this time of year with all the talk of monsters and scares! Beyond the great story though, I absolutely loved the illustrations in this story. These are not your typical story book illustrations at all. The author and illustrator is a tattoo artist and I think that really shows in the images throughout this book. They certainly have that look to them, though still kid appropriate and fun! Admittedly, this wouldn't normally be my own style, but I love that about it. Books are a great way to expand a child's mind and imagination, and introducing them to different art styles is one way to do that. Some kids just aren't into cute, little fluffy bunnies and won't want to read books with them either... but this will appeal to them instead. Likewise, I think this is a book that because of it's unique style, many parents can also truly enjoy too. 

Whether it's for Halloween or throughout the year, this is a fantastic, unique children's book that is a great addition to every collection. My daughter and I are absolutely loving it!

One winner will receive a copy of Frankie's Scared of EVERYTHING by tattoo artist Mathew Franklin (10/7/2019; Building Block Press; ISBN: 978-1944201227; Age 4-8; 32 pages; Hardcover $19.95), two temporary tattoos, and a neon mini-notebook for letting their own imaginations run wild. (Please note: prize is not guaranteed delivery before Halloween!) Enter using the giveaway form below:


  1. My 6 year old grandson would love this book.

  2. This looks so cute!!! :)


  3. I think my son would enjoy reading this book.

  4. I love books about creativity and imagination! This looks wonderful!

  5. I think all 4 of my granddaughters will enjoy this book.


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