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Common Techniques of Gold, K Gold, and Platinum Jewelry

Are you aware of the common techniques of gold, K gold, and platinum?

Why are the gold, K gold, and platinum jewelry becoming more and more fashionable and beautiful, these crafts are indispensable! First, the surface treatment process

1. Embroidery craft 

The embroidery can make the necklaces for girlfriend jewelry add a beautiful pattern, so that the jewelry has a layered and three-dimensional sense. The surface is bright and shining, and the combined flower pattern is more tough. Gold, K gold and platinum jewelry, which are mainly based on embroidery craft, are favored by people with individuality.

Treatment: Diamond knives with different pattern edges rotate at high speed on the surface of the infinity bracelet jewelry to cut out various embroidery faces.

 2. Polishing craft 

The polishing process gives the jewelry surface a mirror effect and a bright metallic luster. Polished gold, K gold, and platinum jewelry look even more sparkling.

Treatment: Use a polishing machine to smooth the surface of the jewelry.

3. Sand blasting craft 

The sandblasting process can make the jewelry rich in texture and delicate. It can soften the rough surface and make it softer and more beautiful fingerprint jewelry(getnamenecklace). At present, most of the gold jewelry and K gold jewelry on the market will use sand blasting technology to enhance the artistic beauty of the jewelry.

Treatment: After the jewelry is polished, the quartz sand or river sand is sprayed on the surface of the exposed name bracelet jewelry by high pressure to form a fine matte surface to play the role of highlighting the pattern!

4. Nail sand craft 

Each concave and convex surface of the nail sand craft is a reflective point, and the nail sand surface forms a shining effect of the starry sky. The sand surface is thicker, and has a fine grainy feeling, and luster is more gorgeous. Compared with sandblasting, the jewelry surface under nail sand process is rougher, but has more refracting surface and looks very shiny custom birthstone rings. Many gold ornaments will be matched with nail sand and polishing to highlight the stereo feeling and level feeling of the product. Nail sand process is one of the most common surface treatment processes on the market.

Treatment method: Use the diamond needle of the sanding machine to rotate on the gold surface, and nail the irregular and shiny concave and convex surface to form a rough sand surface effect.

5. Sand pushing craft 

The sand pushing surface forms a silky birthstone necklaces, delicate and soft matte finish. Use sandpaper to push and pull against on the gold surface to form a matt frosted surface.

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