Wednesday, October 30, 2019

5 Creative Ways to Personalize Your Wardrobe

In an era of brands and fast fashion, it can be difficult to buy clothes that truly feel like your own. When you walk down the street and see a handful of people wearing a jacket, t-shirt or pair of shoes that you own, it can feel like you have no individuality left when clothes are such an integral part of how we present who we are.

If you want to personalize the clothes you have and make them truly individual pieces that no one else owns, then there are plenty of ways that you can do this.

1.   Embroidery

If you have the skill to embroider, or you want to learn, then embroidering t-shirts or jackets can be a fun way to make your clothes more ‘you.’  Spend an afternoon crafting a floral pattern onto a plain t-shirt or adding a feature to the back of a denim jacket. The possibilities with embroidery are endless; you can express your character through the patterns you add.

2.   Iron-on Patches

For those who aren’t so creatively inclined, iron-on patches are extremely easy to apply to shirts and pants, and they are usually relatively cheap too. Many artists who sell their work online offer their work in the form of an iron-on patch, so you could have a real piece of artwork ironed on to your clothing.

3.   Enamel Pins

Enamel pins are great for sprucing up denim jackets or handbags. You can get an enamel pin of just about anything; your favorite movie character; an animal; plants; there are just so many enamel pins to choose from.

These aren’t permanent like iron-on patches or embroidery. If you decide one day you want a handful of pins on your satchel bag but the next you want them on the pocket of your denim jacket, you can! It’s easy to transfer them between each item.

4.   Personalized Prints

Many companies offer personalized prints for clothing, but by far the best choice is eco friendly sublimation printing. You can have your clothes printed with a design that is completely unique and know that your clothing is ecofriendly. Most products produced nowadays have some negative effects on the environment, usually through carbon emissions, so reducing your own carbon footprint where you can is always helpful.

5.   Knit Your Own

Knitting your own piece of clothing is a guaranteed way of making sure no one else has the same piece of clothing. You can also bypass the struggle of finding a piece of clothing that fits you right, looks how you want it and feels comfortable. When you knit your own, you can knit it to fit you perfectly in every way. Whether you want your own knitted jumper or scarf, you can implement a few knitted items into your wardrobe to make it truly your own.
Fashion is how many people present themselves to the world, so you should take hold of your own wardrobe and make it truly represent you, in the most creative ways possible!


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