Sunday, September 1, 2019

Let It Snow {A Book Review}

**I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley. All thoughts are 100% my own. 

A Nantucket shopkeeper discovers that Christmas is the perfect occasion to make unexpected friendships . . . to warm the coldest of hearts—and maybe even find love.

Christina Antonioni is preparing for the holidays at her Nantucket toy shop, unpacking last-minute shipments and decorating for her loyal Christmas shoppers. But when her Scrooge of a landlord, Oscar Bittlesman, raises her rent, it seems nearly impossible for Christina to continue business on the wharf.

Even so, Christina hopes there is a warm heart underneath Oscar’s steely exterior. When she bonds with Wink, his sweet, young granddaughter who frequents the shop, it becomes clear that perhaps he isn’t so cold after all. And with the help of Wink’s uncle, who happens to be a charming and very handsome bachelor, this may be the best Christmas any of them could have ever imagined. Nancy Thayer’s enchanting Nantucket setting provides the perfect backdrop for this holiday love story.

Nancy Thayer is the New York Times bestselling author of more than thirty novels, including Surfside Sisters, A Nantucket Wedding, Secrets in Summer, The Island House, The Guest Cottage, An Island Christmas, Nantucket Sisters, and Island Girls. Born in Kansas City, Missouri, Thayer has been a year-round resident of Nantucket for thirty-four years, where she currently lives with her husband, Charley, and a precocious rescue cat named Callie.

If you love a good heartwarming Hallmark movie-ish holiday romance book, Let It Snow by Nancy Thayer is going to be one you'll want to add to your reading list during the holiday season. It's the perfect, sweet and cozy holiday love story.

Again, to me it read very much like a typical Hallmark Christmas movie plot. When toy shop owner catches 9-year-old Wink attempting to shoplift from her store, she opens her heart to the girl which brings in the essential meet-cute with her rich and handsome uncle--- son of the man who owns the building in which her shop is located and who plans to raise her rent after the holiday. Now, if you've seen a lot of Hallmark movies, you know this story fairly well and can perhaps find it a little predictable to figure out the general idea of what will happen next. For some, that might not be your cup of tea--- but personally, I love this type of story. I don't care about the predictable or perhaps the occasional cheesiness, I enjoy these more lighthearted reads, especially during the holiday season. It was an enjoyable and quick read that was just up my alley.

One aspect of the story that I wasn't 100% sold on was that of the 'Inner Christina', which as the name suggests really was just Christina's inner conversation with herself. I didn't mind the dialogue of course--- I'm always having internal discussions myself so I get it. However, giving the name to it as such did seem a little distracting to me at times. Not enough that I still couldn't appreciate the story, but certainly something I could have gone without as well.

Because I primarily review Christian novels, it is important to note that this is a mainstream romance. However, it is for the most part one that I think even conservative readers wouldn't be bothered by. It does have a few curse words but they are quite minimal. If memory serves, I believe there were less than five even.  While there were perhaps a few suggestive moments, it was still very clean. There was some kissing, of course and it was implied that more DID happen, it was never mentioned in detail, and even those mentions were minimal as well. Again, overall, I would still personally call it a clean read.

Let It Snow will be available to purchase on October 15. You can preorder your copy now.


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