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How to Plan an Intervention

Do you know someone that needs an intervention in his or her life? An intervention can sometimes be necessary for a wide number of reasons, but the planning stages will all be the same.

Thus, this article will go over some tips that will help you plan a good intervention for your friend or family member. After all, you love this individual and you want them to live a good life. Still, this person might be on a downward spiral without even realizing, and that is why they need you to step in, even if they are not asking for it directly. 

When an intervention is needed
·         Alcohol abuse
·         Drug abuse
·         Gambling

Alternatively, the individual might need an intervention if they are currently facing some type of illness or disease, but that they are refusing to get help with.

One example of such a scenario could be if the person is portraying the signs and symptoms of bulimia or anorexia, although they might believe that what they are doing is completely normal.

Group together with other friends and family members
Rather than holding the intervention by yourself, you should group together your friends and other family members that also want to see this person living their best and healthiest life, once again.

At the end of the day, what could be more important than families supporting one another?

Holding the meeting
It’s incredibly important that you set a date for the intervention meeting, otherwise it might never occur. Putting it off is one of the worst things that you could do.

Seeking the right treatment facility
There are certain problems that will require more rigorous treatment in order for the individual to get their life back on track. Perhaps they are facing an eating disorder and are not realizing, or they are experiencing a wide range of mental health problems.

Professional support is often times what is needed in order to improve that person’s health. After all, the experts know exactly what to do in order to help the individual that is facing the problem in the first place.

You can read more information about one such facility, and the services they offer, on edentreatment.com.

When you are planning the intervention, you should have already done your research in advance to offer advice in terms of what treatment center would aid the individual.

Following up
Lastly, you need to follow up after the intervention meeting as well. Even if the individual is currently going through treatment, you still need to check up on them. Consider doing this even weeks or months after the fact, and this will slowly but surely also instil in that individual’s mind that they must take better care of themselves.

Planning an intervention is not as hard as you might think, but it’s always important that you don’t do it alone. Perhaps your loved one will not listen to only you, but they will listen if there is a group of people there to have an open and honest discussion with.


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