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Go Back To School in (Uniform) Style with French Toast #backtoschool

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Back to school time has arrived!

Kids across the country have started returning to school or are planning to in the next several weeks. For us as parents, that means back to school shopping! Backpacks, pencils, crayons...and of course school uniforms!

This year, we have a new to us experience in finding uniforms for my daughter. Now, I'm no stranger to a uniform dress code. My son had been required to wear uniforms for the last five years. But uniforms for boys are super easy. A polo shirt and pair of khakis makes any boy look handsome, right? For my fashion loving daughter though, we wanted to find options that were both cute, functional and fit her school's much stricter uniform policy! 

To find just the right pieces, we turned to our go to uniform retailer: French Toast

Who is French Toast?

More than 30 years ago, French Toast became a pioneer in the school market by providing a service for families. With the costs of school clothing for children on the rise, French Toast was able to offer clothing that was designed to stretch the dollar and made with quality that lasts.

Today, French Toast is the #1 brand in schoolwear. A school-centric, national brand, French Toast delivers comfort that lasts. We do this with great versatile product, outstanding service and an unmatched connection to America’s schools. We partner with families by offering school uniforms, basics and casual styles that every kid needs every day.

I had loved French Toast clothing for my son, so I was excited to have the chance to try out some of their feminine styles too. Take a look at the styles we picked out:

Of all the looks we selected, I must admit that this one is my absolute favorite! Let's be honest, school mornings are CRAZY! Well, they certainly are in my house at least! Trying to get two kids ready while still being half asleep myself... anything that makes my morning easier is a plus in my book. With this dress, it has the layered look that is required for school but with one simple piece. So easy. 

Not only is it super easy, but it's super cute too! It gives my daughter that pretty, feminine look she loves in a great, classic uniform look. It's also great for summer days when she needs to be comfortable in the heat and doesn't need the extra layers on the playground. Still, in fall and winter we could easily add a cardigan and tights to warm it up too!

Puff Sleeve Polo + Round Neck Jumper

French Toast offers a wide variety of jumper options, and this is perhaps their most basic style. No bows, no fancy buckles, just a great classic every day look. It's comfortable and durable for the playground, but looks fantastic too. 

While the jumper is absolutely adorable too, the real star of this outfit is the polo.

When I first starting picturing school uniform options, my mind went to your basic run of the mill polo--- you know, the kind the boys wear so well. That's great for some, but again... my daughter enjoys those girly touches. The puffed sleeved polo adds just the right amount of sparkle to make my daughter happy, as well as a much more feminine fit all around. This is certainly her favorite style top...and she wants it in all colors (or at least the shades of red, blue and white tops she's allowed to wear anyway!).

Peter Pan PoloLong Pleated Skirt

Speaking of more feminine touches, the Peter Pan collar on this great polo softens the collar up for a more feminine look. It's a much more classic look than the previous, so if the sparkly buttons are a no-go for your dress code, this one might be a better match! And the color? Oh. My. Goodness. Such a pretty soft blue that I cannot get enough of!

My daughter loves a longer skirt...and having a tiny waist with longer legs, we've found that we have to watch skirts anyway. This one is absolutely perfect--- giving her the longer length she loves without having to size up in the waist! This is one that'll be great once fall comes around too, giving a little more leg coverage when added with tights for warmth. It is by far her favorite uniform skirt she owns.

All of these styles look great on the first wear, but the real question is: how well are they going to hold up? In our experience, VERY well. I'll be honest, when my daughter picked out the khaki skirt and dress, I wasn't so sure about it. While I love the way they look, I worried that keeping them looking that good would be much more difficult, whereas the navy would show less stains. Instead, I have found that the material on these pieces wash VERY well. My daughter wore the 2-Fer dress on pizza day, so naturally a little sauce made it's way onto her outfit. A basic wash and it came out looking as good as new! As a kindergartner, she plays hard on the playground and doesn't need to worry about getting her clothes dirty, so that wash-ability is a huge plus in this mama's eyes.

While she's only had these particular uniforms for a few short weeks, I can say from our past experiences that the colors hold well through many wears and washes. My son is very hard on clothes and find we often have to replace his polos after awhile from wear. His French Toast polos still look great, many wears later!

If you are looking for quality uniforms that look great at a great price, French Toast has everything you need. You can check out all of the styles featured and more and connect at the links below:

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Do your children need school uniforms? Which uniform styles from French Toast do you love?


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