Friday, August 2, 2019

Bible Journaling Spotlight: Get Organized with NEW Products from Dayspring!

**I received the products featured in this post as part of the Dayspring Bible Journaling Launch Team. Post contains affiliate links. All thoughts are 100% my own. 

Throughout the last few years, I have tried to answer some of the most common Bible journaling that have come my way: why Bible journaling? what do you need to get started? what are your favorite supplies? what verses should I start with? how do I use this technique? what Bible should I choose? You get the idea. Still there is one question asked frequently in every single Bible journaling group I am in that I've yet to tackle:

How do you organize it all?

Ah yes...the big question. Once we've gotten everything we need and more, then comes the hard part. The organizing. I must admit, this has been a struggle for me off and on as well. I often found that when I would go to sit down to journal, I would spend more time trying to find the supplies I needed than I actually spent journaling. That took time away from my time in God's word. Yes, organization truly does matter! Here are a few tips I've learned throughout the years that have worked well for me. Though they might not all work for YOUR specific needs, they can give you a great start at least.

Sort Your Supplies.
In this instance, when I'm talking about supplies I'm specifically meaning art supplies such as paints, Gelatos, washi, pencils, etc. The larger items that tend to take up more room should be organized by type so that you can grab them easily. Need paint? Grab your paint bin/bag, etc.

Break It Down Even Further.
For me, once I had done this I found for some items it still wasn't quite enough. This was particularly true for my die cuts and stickers. These are two things that I personally have an abundance of. I would be looking for some alpha stickers to complete a page, and find that I had to in turn search through every other sticker I had on hand to find them. So, I broke it down even further. Stickers were then divided into multiple categories- alphabet stickers, stickers with words, and general image stickers. Likewise, my die cuts were broken down into words, images, tabs, journaling squares, etc. I also had a separate category for those die cuts that were not Bible journaling/faith based specific. This further allowed me to look much more specifically for those items I wanted to use.

Keep Your Favorites Ready.
Have a set of pens or favorite washi that you use ALL the time? There's nothing worse than having to search for them among lesser used items each and every time. Instead, I like to keep those most used items together somewhere easily accessible.

Make It Movable. 
I no longer have a craft table on which to do my journaling, but in all honesty, even when I did I still rarely journaled in the same place. Some days I was there, some at my kitchen table, some sitting in the recliner or at the coffee table while my daughter colored. Some even like to take their journaling to meet with a journaling group, or on vacation. For this reason, I love keeping my supplies very portable so that I can grab them and go wherever the mood strikes that day.

Now, I've talked a lot about HOW it's divided... but where do we put it? Today, I am super excited to share with you a few new products available from Dayspring that will be absolutely perfect. Let's take a look:

The 5-Tray Carry All Case.
This carry all case includes five decorative trays that slide into their included carrying case perfectly. What I love about this product is that it is so versatile. The boxes are the perfect size to hold washi, keeping each roll visible but can also be used for paints, pens, clips, etc. I love that on their own, I can stick the boxes directly on my craft cart to keep supplies organized and easily accessible. When I'm journaling on the go, I can carry them in the carrying case.

I have found that washi organization that is both portable and allows you to easily see and grab the roll you need can be quite tough to find, so I personally love that this holds them so well. While I love the idea of using it just for washi, I also love it for keeping ALL of my favorites ready to go in one easy spot.

The Expanding Carry-All Case.

As I mentioned, when it comes to stickers and die cuts, I like to break them down into various categories. In the past, I have just used a system of small zipper pouches for each category. This expanding case allows me to have my divisions, but to also keep them in ONE central location too. I absolutely, positively LOVE it.

Both of these products are adorable and functional--- helping keep your supplies more organized so that you can focus your time and attention to where it really matters--- God's word! These products are available TODAY at Dayspring! Hurry over to grab yours now!

Need new supplies to fill up your cases? Check out the all new Illustrated Faith collections Beloved Society and Childlike Faith. Stay tuned for more details on this fun collections!

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  1. Thanks for the practical tips! I intend to try them out!

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