Wednesday, August 21, 2019

4 Essential Ways to Prepare Your Home for a Visit from Your Parents

When you hear your parents are coming to visit, a slight panic may inevitably set in. While you’re excited to see them, you also want to make sure your home is well prepared for their stay.
There are several ways you can fix up your home and get it ready for your parents’ comfort and approval. Here are some tips to help you get ready for their visit.

Food and Drink

Whenever you have guests, you should always have a well-stocked fridge and pantry. Talk ahead of time with your parents about what sorts of foods they like to eat, and do your shopping based on the information they give you. Additionally, plan out the meals you plan to cook for your parents and buy some snack foods to have on hand.
Another thoughtful gesture would be to buy and stock up on your parents’ favorite beverages in your home. From sparkling water and organic soda to their favorite wine, you should have a variety of drinks they can enjoy.


You know one of the first things your parents will do when they enter your home is scan it for cleanliness. With that in mind, do a deep clean before your parents arrive, so all your appliances and fixtures look like they could be brand new. Beyond having a clean space for them over the weekend, having a clean home will show your parents that you can take care of yourself.

You should also invest some time re-organizing your belongings, so the space doesn’t feel cluttered or messy. Utilize online resources that give you tips for strategic and effective organization, like The Home Edit. When your parents see your labeled, color-coordinated pantry, they will be floored.
Finally, think of how you can effortlessly keep the place clean during their visit. A handy tool is a robot vacuum that you can run every day while you’re out of the house. The freshly vacuumed floors will make your place feel clean throughout your family’s entire visit.

Home Security

Update your home’s safety features before your parents’ stay, so they know you’re staying in a safe living environment. Moreover, replace your front door lock with a digital lock that requires a key code. By doing so, you’ll never be locked out of your own place, and you can share the code with your parents while they’re around for a visit.
Additionally, you should install a home security camera system that monitors the activity around your home. Today's top-of-the-line security camera systems record in high-definition resolution and offer two-way audio and night vision, among other great features.
Once your parents get settled in, be sure to pull up the security camera(s) on your smartphone to show them how you can watch what's happening at home right from the palm of your hand.


During your parents’ stay, you want them to feel comfortable and taken care of, so set up your home with the proper amenities that will make their stay seamless. For example, create a bathing basket that holds fresh towels, basic toiletries and any other hygiene items your parents may need. Also, set up their sleeping area with new sheets and comfortable pillows that will allow them to get a great night’s sleep.
An extra nice touch would be to leave a brief, written set of instructions and important information that includes the Wi-Fi password, nearby takeout restaurants, your work number and a list of activities they can do if you’re not around.

Make Your Parents Stay Pleasant and Memorable

With a few special considerations, you can make your parents’ stay at your home pleasant and memorable. By following these tips, not only are you investing time, energy and resources into equipping your home for their visit, but you’re upgrading your living space for yourself.


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