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Summer Pool Safety For Children

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Now that summer weather has finally arrived, we're on the search for a way to keep cool in the summer sun. One of the best ways? Heading to the pool, of course! Whether you have a pool at home or use a public facility, keep these tips in mind to keep your family safe at the pool this summer:

  • Fence It In/Cover It Up. Fence It In/Cover It Up. If you have a pool at home, one of the greatest things you can do for safety is to ensure that your children are not able to easily wander into it by using safety measures such a fence around the facility, or a heavy duty cover. If you have a fence but it's been in place for a number of years, you may need to hire pool inspectors melbourne (or wherever you are) to ensure it's up to standard. Many states have local laws to ensure pools are kept to a minimum safety standard, so if you don't have your pool inspected, you might find yourself on the wrong side of the law.
  • Teach Them To Swim. Swim lessons- be from yourself or a professional are a great way to help your children stay safe in the pool. If you are not comfortable in doing so yourself, consider looking locally for places that offer swim lessons. 
  • Know Their Limits- and Stick To Them. One of the things I loved about my son's camp experience a few summers back was how they handled pool time. Before beginning, each child had to work with a lifeguard to show their swimming abilities, and they were sent to a pool appropriate for their skill level--- more shallow for beginning or non swimmers, deeper for more advanced swimmers, etc. While this may not be an option everywhere, it is a great guideline to go by... keep your children in a section of the pool (or specific pool when available) based on where their skill level is. 
  • Set Expectations Beforehand. Of course, we know kids don't always listen and like to push the boundaries, but it is important regardless to make sure that kids know ALL pool rules before entering the pool. Make sure they understand the importance of the rules. Let your kids know what the consequences will be for not keeping to those rules as well.
  • Look for Lifeguards. While pools or beaches without lifeguards may be great options for those who are great swimmers, if you have a new swimmer, it might be best to look for places in which lifeguards are on duty instead. They can offer a great peace of mind. 
  • Don't Forget The Sunscreen. We often only think about the drowning risks associated with swimming, but let's not forget skin safety too! Be sure to choose water resistant sunscreens, and remember that you will need to reapply more often in the water. Check your specific sunscreen to know the limits. 
  • Consider NON-Pool Options. If you have young children, or a special needs child who struggles to follow pool rules, that doesn't mean you can't keep cool with water. Instead, invest in a sprinkler or slip and slide... or some good ol' fashioned water balloons, water guns, etc. These will keep you cool, with less risk. Also check out splash pads! Many parks have these available at no charge! 
Do you spend a lot of summer days at the pool? What are some of YOUR best safety tips? 


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