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Make Your Bedroom a Sanctuary

When you come home after a busy day, the most peaceful part of your house is usually your bedroom. It’s where you go to recuperate and enjoy peace. Whether you have a big, noisy family or live alone, your bedroom should be a place to unwind. It doesn’t have to be spacious or expensively furnished to be a sanctuary. There are many ways you can transform your room into a space you feel safe and relaxed in. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Bring Your Own Personality

Depending on who else might share your room or the number of interior design magazines you read, your bedroom might be a bit more style-focused than personal and relaxing. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying aesthetically pleasing décor and furniture, but imbuing your bedroom with your own personality is what will set it apart in your mind from your favorite coffee shop or a fancy hotel. A few ideas could be:

  • Photographs of family and friends
  • Your own artwork or custom furniture
  • Splashes of your favorite color

Add Unique Touches

Similar to the last point, a great way to make your bedroom a personal sanctuary is to make it unique to you. Fun ways of introducing one-of-a-kind elements into your room include bespoke furnishings, commissioned quilts, or even hand carved Welsh Love Spoons. Don’t feel the pressure to go with the flow of current trends; instead, bring subtle yet distinctive details into your bedroom for elements of intrigue.

Don’t Add Stress

Many people have some form of technology in their bedrooms on a regular basis, whether that’s a television or a computer of some kind. These things, while being entertaining, can negatively affect your ability to rest and sleep after a long day. Resist the urge to surf the web or perform work tasks in your bedroom – save that for the office. If you really must reply to important emails from your boss, do so in another room of the house. Your bedroom is for taking your mind off your problems, not a place for focusing on them.

Focus on Comfort

People make fun of those who have a mountain of pillows on their beds. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to waste time taking them off and piling them back on every day. If, however, you like to lounge in bed with a book or a drink, having an excess of pillows is understandable. It’s all about making the environment cater to your needs, not the other way around. If you don’t have many clothes, there’s no need to buy a huge wardrobe that takes up space and interrupts the flow of your room. Does your floor make your feet cold when you get up in the morning? Treat yourself to a soft rug. Are you never the right temperature when you go to sleep? Invest in a fan or a good air conditioner. Above all else, your bedroom must be comfortable for you and your personal requirements.


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