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Find Out Why Coffee Lovers LOVE My Leaky Mug {Exclusive Deal & Coupon Code}

**This is a sponsored post written myself for My Leaky Mug. All thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

I love a good subscription box!

Let's be honest...who doesn't? So often when we head out to the mailbox, we find we are greeted with a combination of bills and junk... and well, adulting stinks that way doesn't it? But a subscription service? That allows us to have a little surprise arrive at our door each and every month. It's a great break from the usual.

These days you can find subscriptions for just about anything, but my favorites are those that are all about the essentials. One of my essentials? Coffee, of course! As a mom, there is nothing like a good ol' cup of coffee to keep me going and caught up with the kids. Can you imagine having quality coffee delivered each month? You don't have to imagine...with My Leaky Mug, you can get just that!

So, who is My Leaky Mug?

My Leaky Mug sells premium coffee from around the world! They offer a wide variety of roasts and flavors to give YOU just the coffee you want each and every time.All products are roasted fresh daily and delivered to you quickly. Orders are typically delivered to you within one week of your order time to insure that your coffee is fresh and delicious.

How does the subscription service work?

Have you ever woke up after a long, sleepless night and found yourself staring at an empty cupboard with no coffee left in sight? That's no way to wake up! With My Leaky Mug subscription services, your coffee of choice is delivered every month so you don't have to worry about running out!

They have many options to best suit your needs. Know what you like, and want to stick with it? You can subscribe to that particular coffee. Each month it will be shipped to you- no need to remember to order. If you'd prefer a little variety you can choose from two more options:

The Roaster’s Choice Subscription will allow you to travel the world through coffee! These boxes with coffees from around the globe feature a freshly roasted coffee, flavor notes and the story behind the farmers that grew it in each box. You have the choice of receiving 1 or 2 -12oz stay fresh bags,
24- Single use cups (2.0 compatible), or a 5lb re-closable restaurant bag.

The Ultimate Coffee Club Subscription is- as the name suggests- a must for the ultimate coffee fan! With this subscription, you can either select your own blend every month or let them choose a popular blend for you. You will also receive a surprise blend every 6 months (in the form of a 2 pot sample), early access to seasonal specialty blends and a free collectors coffee mug during your second month. They also offer a no risk guarantee which allows you to exchange your bag for free if you decide you don't like it.

What if I just want to order the coffee as needed--- no subscription?

I get it, sometimes a monthly subscription just isn't in the budget... or we just prefer to try before we commit, etc. That's not a problem at all, you can buy a variety of coffees, supplies and sides on their own as well. All orders over $19.99 will also get FREE shipping!

Another great reason to love My Leaky Mug is their 'coffee for a cause'. When you purchase these special coffee blends like 4 Paws Rescue or Thin Blue Line Coffee Blend, 25% of the proceeds will go to charity. I don't know about you, but I LOVE knowing that my morning cup of coffee is making a difference!

But...how does it taste?

Ah, yes... the million dollar question! All of the convenience and giving back in the world wouldn't matter if it wasn't good, would it? I recently was sent a variety of blends to try out for myself: Colombia, Costa Rica, Laos, and Brazil. And let me tell you, they are absolutely, positively delicious. The first thing I noticed when I opened each package the smell was AMAZING. I could truly tell just from the smell just how fresh and high quality the coffees would be....even before I began brewing them! Let's just say, the taste did NOT disappoint. They were delicious, and I know every coffee lover will greatly appreciate the flavor of any and all of these that I tried.

These particular blends are exclusive and cannot be purchased directly from the website, BUT I am excited to share with you a Dealspotr exclusive deal for the delicious Costa Rican blend! This is one of My Leaky Mug's rarest and most exclusive coffees prepared for Dealspotr referrals, friends and family for just $14.99! Wow, what a deal! You can grab this exclusive offer here. 

Speaking of deals, you can also save sitewide with the coupon code RANDIKAYE for 40% off your purchase of $19.99 or above! Click here to take advantage of this exclusive deal. 


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