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6 Sporty Elements to add to Your Athleisure Ensemble

Athleisure is best described as a combination of activewear and casual clothing that can be worn for both exercise and on the streets. Since our busy modern lifestyles require more comfort and practicality out of what we wear, it’s no surprise that athleisure has become extremely popular in recent years.
Everyone from fast-fashion retailers to luxury designer brands now offer their take on the trend. So if you want to wear something that’s comfortable and versatile without sacrificing being stylish, perhaps it’s a good time to add a few athleisure pieces to your wardrobe.
To make your search a little easier, here are 6 sporty elements of an athleisure outfit that’ll look stylish both at the gym and on the streets.

Bike Shorts

One of Princess Diana’s most iconic looks, later brought back into the spotlight by the likes of Kim Kardashian, is the bike short. Essentially a pair of leggings that is cut above the knees, these fashion-forward shorts are more versatile than you might think. Take a cue from Yeezy and style them with an oversized sweater for a modern, Hollywood Hills-esque look.

Sports Bra

The sports bra has come a long way since its gym days. Celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence have shown some compelling and unique ways to style the sports bra, such as wearing it with a long skirt and heels of complimenting tones. Of course, more athletic looks can be achieved with a simple pair of leggings or some comfy sweatpants with a looser fit.

Athletic Sneakers

These days, your choices of athletic sneakers are no longer limited to the likes of Nike, Puma and Adidas. Designer labels such as Gucci, Balenciaga and Givenchy have also taken a more athleisure style approach to their latest sneaker lineups. The Cloudbust from Prada is a great example, with a sleek silhouette and futuristic design elements.

Reading Glasses

Who said athleisure was limited to clothing and footwear? You can swap out your conventional reading glasses for a more sporty pair to complete your athleisure look. For example, you can find a wide variety of nike eyeglasses here, with athleisure-worthy styling elements such as sleek, slim frames and modern color options.

Additional Accessories

Athleisure is subjectively rather limiting when it comes to accessories, as one would usually let their clothes do all the talking. However, a few suitable accessories do fit the bill. This includes running and baseball caps, a chain or bracelet and a stylish backpack. A simple pair of gold or silver earrings can also add a sense of luxury to your look.


The great thing about athleisure is that the variety of textures on base pieces can work really well when layered under non-athleisure elements. This is especially apparent with jackets. Anything from a classic bomber to a cropped denim jacket to a knitted cardigan will elevate your look and add some street-style appeal.


There’s a lot more to athleisure than sports bras and plain black leggings. With a bit of inspiration and creativity, you can put together some truly stylish looks.


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