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5 Extra Ways to Educate Your Kids

If your kid struggles at school, or you know they are capable of far more, then you may want to invest in some extra education. Giving them the tools to succeed in the form of knowledge will make them feel much more confident at school and when they progress in later life. On top of that, ‘education’ doesn’t have to mean long division and reading; you can give your children cultural insight and open them up to new disciplines. Here are five ways of broadening their horizons.

Extra tuition

Perhaps the most simple way to get extra education for your children is to enrol them into extra tuition. This can be invaluable as not only will it enhance their academic skills, but it can also help prevent their capabilities from reducing over periods such as the summer holidays. Using experienced tutors who use official exam paper examples, such as Marie Redmond Tuition, can help them make the most of their extra-curricular help.

Engage their creative side

If you want your children to absorb more information, the easiest way to do this is to engage their creative side. Using metaphors and wacky examples will help them to understand much bigger concepts. Places such as museums and learning centers are experts in this, and so taking them out to exhibitions and educational centers will help to build their knowledge effectively.


If you are completing homework, or your child is trying to solve a problem, encourage them to work it out for themselves. Using video games, board games and puzzles as part of their learning can help them to think and work independently, without raising their hand or asking for help.

Embrace failure

Some kids learn best by repetition, others by taking in visual imagery. However, there are many of us who learn best by making mistakes and learning from them. Therefore, if you are teaching your child a bit of carpentry, or how to work on their math skills, it’s important that you don’t tell them off if they don’t succeed. Encouraging them to fail, pick themselves up, and enroll them in a reading program is a valuable lesson that will improve their learning abilities and confidence.

Find their interests

Just as it’s important to find a method of education that is right for you, it is equally important to find interests that intrigue your child. If they have an interest in science, then you can apply extra learning to this. For example, by going through fun science books with them, you can improve their literacy skills as well. Art projects can revolve around scientific concepts and ideas, while equally giving a boost to their creative mind. Creating an education program around them is one of the easiest ways to educate and inform.

How you educate your children is a process of trial and error. The methods that worked for you growing up might turn not necessarily be useful for them. Instead, it’s important that you give them extra support where it’s needed, and figure out what is best for their needs.


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