Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Things You Should Do Before Moving House

There are so many things to think about before you move to your new home from packing to getting organized with telling everyone you’ve moved. So follow our handy tips, and you’ll be sat with your feet up, stress-free, sooner than you think.

Tell people you’re moving

Write a list of people you need to tell, from all utility providers, the bank, doctors, your place of work, and even family members. If they come to visit you from out of town unexpectedly, they might accidentally end up at the new owners for a surprise visit. You should also set up a re-direct for all your mail, so you don’t miss important letters.

Start writing a to-do list

Proper planning will make sure the moving day runs without a problem. Write down things you have to do before you move and once you’re in your new home. Simple things such as ordering a food shop and hiring a sitter for kids and pets should be on your list. Try and keep your to-do list with you at all times, you can add to it if something pops into your head. The Spruce states that moving is one of the most difficult things you’ll do, so getting organized will help you feel calm on the day.

Make an essentials box

When you get to the new house, it won’t be easy to get access to everything you need straight away. So, start thinking about all the items you use on a daily basis that you will want access to immediately. Label the box with the words ‘do not pack’ or pop the box in your vehicle to take with you in person. Don’t forget to pack box cutters, phone chargers, toilet roll, a kettle, pain relief, snacks, and some cutlery in the box.

Book your movers

Make it your number one priority! Movers get booked up fast, but with Mi-Box you can book storage containers in Calgary to be delivered to your own home before you move. Available in three sizes, they’re designed to fit on your driveway, so you have 24-7 access. You can choose any date for the storage container to be dropped off at your home before your move. You simply fill the storage container at your own pace and on your moving day, they’ll take the full storage container of your belongings to your new address.

Avoid moving on the weekend

If you can, avoid moving house at the weekend. It’s tempting to schedule your house move, so you don’t have to take too much time away from work, but it may cause you more stress. Fridays are the busiest day for movers; everyone has the same idea which is to move on the weekend. This may mean you pay more or struggle to find a reputable moving company who’s available. Also, if there’s anything that goes wrong, nowhere is open until Monday. You won’t be able to get hold of estate agents or lawyers, and it can mean you end up paying for something you haven’t budgeted for.


  1. Thanks for sharing these great tips. I especially like the info about not moving on a weekend. Very good to know!


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