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Bible Journaling Spotlight: Blow Painting with Straws

For this week's Bible journaling how-to, I'm going to share a really fun technique that is both very simple...and creates a stunning result---using watercolors and a straw! Take a look:

Blow Painting w/ Straws

  • Watercolor Paint
  • Water
  • Straw
  1. Start by choosing your paint colors. You can truly use as many colors as you prefer, but I generally stick to 1-2, making sure to choose colors that will blend well with one another as they certainly will mix during this process. I generally use watercolors for this technique, but if you prefer acrylics you can use that too, just water it down to create a watercolor like consistency.
  2. Add the water to your paints. For this particular technique, you're going to want it pretty watered down, as this will help the paint spread better.
  3. Prepare your Bible by placing a paint mat under your page. If you do not have a paint mat, you can get a really cheap, thin cutting board instead. Because we will be saturating the page, this step is VERY important to prevent ripping and/or bleed through.
  4. On your page, add a puddle or a few with your paints. 
  5. Now, place your straw in or near your puddles and start blowing... change the position of the straw and angles that you blow from to help spread the paint throughout the page. Continue until you get the desired look you want.
  6. Allow to dry, and finish up you page as desired. 
This fun technique is not just great for journaling, but can be a fun one to try with the kids as well! They will love blowing through their straws to create beautiful artwork! 

Have you tried this painting technique in your Bible or elsewhere? I'd love to see your results. Feel free to share on Facebook or tag me on Instagram (randikaye). 


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