Monday, May 13, 2019

Why You Need to Focus on Your Home's Exterior

When you're preparing your home for house viewings, or if you’re considering improving its value before you put it up for sale, it can be easy to just focus on the inside. When preoccupied with the task of picking out carpets, new kitchen fittings or new pots of paint for the living room, it’s easy to forget your home’s exterior.

The outside of the house will certainly feature in people’s imagination when they picture living there themselves. So, what else should you consider when putting a focus on your home’s exterior?

It’s the first barrier to a viewing

While estate agents are vital for getting houses viewed and sold, there is also another factor when it comes to viewing a property. Nowadays, a lot of people do part of their house hunting online, meaning that they get their first glimpse of a property via a picture. If the exterior of the property is not appealing, then they may not even click through to find out more about a property – they may just skirt past it.

If you’re worried about how your exterior might look – consider what small things you can do. Could you tidy up the flower beds? Could all the windows do with a clean? Could the outside of the house do with a lick of paint? In fact, giving the outside of the house a fresh coat of paint is particularly good for protecting against water damage and mould, especially if you have wooden cladding on the outside.

Exteriors need work too

If you’re replacing internal features in the hope that visitors will look round and feel relieved that nothing else needs to be done to the property, then bear in mind they will also looking out the outside for general wear and tear. For example, if your windows are rotting at the corners or are peeling, this may be something that a prospective buyer asks to take off the selling price. Therefore, if you have old wooden windows that need replacing, then visiting should help you to find exact matches.

Neighbourhood progression

If you’re lucky enough to live in what is considered as an ‘up-and-coming’ area, then you will want to increase its exterior as much as possible to attract potential buyers, who may be prepared to part with a significant amount of cash. The reason for this is that gentrification sees previously undesirable areas increase in value, with increasingly modern and high-spec properties popping up within them. Improving your home’s exterior shows potential buyers that you too are keen to see a gentrification process in the area.

Even if you’re not trying to sell your property, focusing on your home’s exterior, as well as everything inside, shows an indication of pride in where you live. It’s been said that a person’s living conditions can have a significant effect on their mood, and coming home to a tidy and well-maintained home might be the cherry on top of your day.


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