Sunday, May 5, 2019

The Next Right Thing: A Simple, Soulful Practice for Making Life Decisions {A Book Review}

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Nothing gets our attention like an unmade decision: Should I accept the new position? Which schooling choice is best for my kids? How can I support my aging parents? When we have a decision to make and the answer isn't clear, what we want more than anything is peace, clarity, and a nudge in the right direction. 

If you have trouble making decisions, because of either chronic hesitation you've always lived with or a more recent onset of decision fatigue, Emily P. Freeman offers a fresh way of practicing familiar but often forgotten advice: simply do the next right thing. With this simple, soulful practice, it is possible to clear the decision-making chaos, quiet the fear of choosing wrong, and find the courage to finally decide without regret or second-guessing.

Whether you're in the midst of a major life transition or are weary of the low-grade anxiety that daily life can bring, Emily helps create space for your soul to breathe so you can live life with God at a gentle pace and discern your next right thing in love.

Emily P. Freeman is a writer, creative director, and spiritual mentor who helps create space for the soul to breathe so people can walk in step with their calling.

She is the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Simply Tuesday and Grace for the Good Girl as well as Graceful and A Million Little Ways. She’s been writing online for over 10 years and is the co-founder of a growing community for writers at 

She and her husband live in North Carolina with their three children. Connect with Emily online at and on Instagram @emilypfreeman.

I am not a fan of making decisions. Truthfully, I'm the worst at it. The anxious person has this way of overthinking every possible outcome a million times over. What can go wrong? What if this doesn't work out as I have planned? How can I truly understand what the RIGHT THING is!? Does anyone else ever experience this? If so, this book is an absolute must read.

And let's be honest... that's likely most of us. We all have to face decisions in our lives and strive to make the right one. And this book is written for just that purpose... to guide us in the decisions and the changes big and small in our lives.

Despite the what could truly be a very heavy topic of this book, it actually is quite a light and inspirational read, which is one of the things I truly love about this and other books I have read by Emily P. Freeman. She has a gentle way of writing and both sharing her stories and biblical wisdom that really lifts you up and makes you think. There's a gentleness about it that is really refreshing and makes me want to read more. It's a great read and one that I am certain to come back to time and time again when I'm faced with decisions in my life.

I think the quote from Annie F. Downes on the back of the book truly sums it up well, "There is no more reliable voice today than Emily P. Freeman. The Next Right Thing is exactly that-- the next right thing for you to read, for Emily to write, and for us all to live by."

'The Next Right Thing' is available to purchase now at your favorite Christian book retailers.


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