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Beat Boredom This Summer with toucanBox & Get Your First Box for $5 Shipped! {A Sizzlin' Summer Essentials Review + Coupon Code}

**This is a sponsored post written for toucanBox. All thoughts and experiences are 100% my own.

School's out for summer... or almost anyway!

All across the country, schools are letting out for summer vacation and parents are finding themselves wondering how to keep the kids entertained--- without relying on electronic devices all day every day! And on those rainy days when playing outside is out of the question, we especially want to find ways to keep the boredom at bay.

Today, I am excited to share with you a subscription box service that might just be the solution we're looking for, toucanBox!

So, what is toucanBox?
toucanBox is an award-winning subscription service that sends a monthly box of creative, science and craft activities to children aged 3 to 8 years old.

Each box is themed and contains everything needed to keep children engaged for hours in an educational and creative way. Boxes include all the materials to complete the projects, colorful step-by-step instruction manuals and a STEAM-inspired magazine.
Each craft is designed to stimulate children creativity and curiosity and to encourage key development skills such as concentration, numeracy, fine and gross motor skills, and problem-solving. The boxes are tailored to suit each child own development stage, and the content of the box will differ accordingly.

Sounds fun, right? I was recently given the chance to try out toucanBox for myself with my 5-year-old daughter. Take a look at the fun that we found inside:

The first thing that popped out to us was that the box was personalized for my daughter. Both outside and inside, she found greetings using her name! Now, at 5 years old she does recognize her own name, and she absolutely loved that SHE was getting a package just for her. There is something really exciting for kids about seeing their name on something special and this is definitely a great touch!

Our box came with two fun activities. Each were individual packaged so we didn't have to search and sort to see which supplies went to which craft. The work was already done for us. I loved that they truly did include all the supplies needed, right down to the tape. The only extras we needed were water and scissors, which most of us have in our homes already. There's nothing more disappointing to a kid (or parent) than sitting down to complete a project to discover that we're missing a supply. That won't happen with these! Between this and the personalization I've already talked about, it came as no surprise to me they were created by a mom of three. Oh yes, they GET it!

In addition to the craft kits, the box also came with a fun STEAM inspired magazine with even more activities that kids could do such as drawing their own superhero costume, finding shapes or designing a bridge. There were also simple recipes and science experiments which were by far our favorite part! What kid doesn't love a good science experiment, right? I know mine both do!

What I loved most about the toucanBox was that the fun kept on coming- even after the craft kits were put together and the activities in the magazine were completed. We enjoy doing crafts in our house--- it's a fun way to embrace our creative sides and enjoy the time together. But so often, once the project is complete, that's it. Over and done until the next crafty time. The projects included in the toucanBox are STILL fun long after the crafting part is done.

Our first project was a cute little nature bag which we were able to dye using tissue paper and water. Once the bag was dry, we could then use it in a nature scavenger hunt. This kit included not one but FOUR scavenger hunt cards- one for each season. They featured a variety of items commonly found in nature--- ants, squirrels, nests, sticks, etc. Of course, some of these items can only be checked off but others can be placed right in the bag! I love that all seasons are included so we can do it time and time again! For my daughter, this was even more fun than creating the bag!

Our other activity was to create racing jellyfish. Not only are these super cute, they're super fun too. Using the attached ribbon, kids can make them race to the top to see who wins! It's art, it's science... it's beyond fun and my kids loved it. If you ask me, this is the perfect rainy day activity!

Seeing toucanBox in action, I can see why they recently won the Academic's Choice Award (Brain Toy category). They are fun for kids, all while teaching them something new. The toucanBox website also provides online resources for extra discovery around the month's theme and additional craft ideas are available each week on the toucanBox blog.

toucanBoxes are delivered monthly for just $12.95 + $1.95 shipping. If you've looked at subscription boxes in the past you know that they can get quite pricey, but this one seems quite reasonable. It is a flexible subscription and can be cancelled anytime.

And right now you can get your first box for just $5 shipped when you use the exclusive coupon code RANDIKAYE at checkout. Visit here to shop the deal today! 

This product is part of A Modern Day Fairy Tale's Sizzlin' Summer Essential Guide- everything you need to have the greatest summer ever. Follow along for more great summer essentials.


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