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Make Bible Learning fun with Buck Denver {+ A Giveaway Hop Event}

Welcome to the Rain, Rain Go Away Giveaway Hop hosted by The Mommy Island & The Kids Did It.

From now through April 16th, hop along to all participating blogs to enter a variety of great prizes perfect for those rainy days! There is no limit to how many you can win, so hop along and enter them all.


**Books received for consideration. All thoughts are 100% my own. 

Buck Denver's Giant Robot Suit 

Buck Denver wants to be friends with God, so he makes a giant robot suit to be closer to Him. To help Buck understand the true meaning of friendship, his friends share their favorite Bible stories. First, Sunday School Lady tells him all about David and Jonathan and their loyalty to one another in tough times. Then Pastor Paul talks about how Jesus offers friendship to each of us. In the end, Buck learns that God uses friends to help us grow stronger and our friendship with Jesus helps us grow closer to God!

Buck Denver's Bad, Bad Day

Buck Denver has had a bad, bad day, so his friends take him on a quest to learn about thankfulness. Soon, he's on a ride with Sunday School Lady, Marcy, and Brother Louie to learn about Jehoshaphat and Lazarus. In the end, Buck learns that on good days AND bad days, God is good and worthy of our thanks-every day, no matter what!

Phil Vischer is an author, speaker, filmmaker and voice actor, best known for the Christian children's series VeggieTales®, which he created in a spare bedroom as a 25-year-old newly married starving artist. Collectively, Phil's creations, which include the educational series What's in the Bible? and the autobiographical book Me, Myself & Bob, have sold more than 70 million copies around the world. Phil lives with his wife Lisa (aka Junior Asparagus) in West Chicago, IL. They have three adult children.

Do you know what's in the Bible? Is it true, is it reliable? Absolutely verifiable. Let's all take a look...in the Bi-able!

If you- like me- read the title of this post and these books and immediately started hearing these lyrics playing in your head, well, then you already know very well who Buck Denver is. For those that don't, Buck Denver is a character created by the Veggie Tales creator Phil Vischer in the series called 'Buck Denver Asks... What's In The Bible?' This series is a favorite in my own household after discovering it for the first time several years ago. It offers some of that same humor that Veggie Tales is best known for, but is much more educational! It breaks down each individual book in the Bible in a way that kids can not only understand, but can enjoy too. It does so through great characters like Pastor Paul and Sunday School Lady. It's a must see for kids, and I'll admit as an adult I even learned some stuff from it too!

Like I said, the show was already a huge hit here in my household, so when we heard there were some fantastic picture books too? Well, we couldn't wait to add them to our collection. And they were everything we expected. Goofy and humorous... but still teaching something at the same time. In these two books, we learn lessons on friendship and forgiveness by taking a closer look at some stories in the Bible. We absolutely loved them! Each starts with Buck up to some crazy antic causing confusion and chaos... only to be corrected and shown the right way by one of our favorites- The Sunday School Lady! The flow of each story is quite similar. This is great because it helps kids remember what they've read (or had read to them) a little bit better, and isn't that what we want with Bible lessons?

These are definitely new favorites in our house, and we look forward to even more great stories from Buck Denver too!

You can learn more about and purchase these fantastic books from Jelly Telly at the links below.
                Buck Denver's Giant Robot Suit: http://bit.ly/GiantRobotSuit
                Buck Denver's Bad, Bad Day: http://bit.ly/BadBadDay

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