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How to Boost Your Immune System Naturally

No matter how much of a healthy lifestyle you lead, we all get sick from time to time. However, the strength of your immune system will depend on how long you are sick for. Therefore, making minor lifestyle changes can make a huge difference and help to strengthen your immune system. Here are a few ways on how you can boost your immune system naturally, helping to fight against toxic chemicals, bacteria, and viruses that cause common conditions like the cold and flu.

Follow a Healthy Balanced Diet

To support and maintain a healthy immune system, you should follow a diet that is rich in antioxidants. Make sure to factor in plenty of fruits and vegetables into your diet as well as healthy fats such as oily fish which are full of omega-3. There are also saturated fats than can help too, which can be found in dairy and meat products. For an additional immune kick, why not add garlic into your diet? Not only is garlic shown to help fight against viruses, it can also help kill bacteria.
If you consume a lot of sugary drinks, you should switch to drinking plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. If you are fighting off an infection, it’s best to stick to water, which can help flush out your system and get rid of toxins.

Regular Exercise

Incorporating regular exercise into your routine can be another great way to naturally boost your immune system. Working out can mobilize your T cells, which are a kind of white blood cell known to protect the body against infection and disease. Whether you enjoy going for a walk, running around your neighborhood or playing a sport, there are all sorts of different ways that you can benefit from regular exercise.
If you lead a busy lifestyle and struggle with fitting exercise into your day, taking 30 minutes out of your schedule to do a workout can make a huge difference. However, what you may not realize is regular intensive activity like running can cause your immune function to weaken, leaving you more at risk of getting a viral infection. Some research has been conducted which suggests that using supplements can help reduce the risk of getting the flu, especially if you are an athlete.

Reduce Stress

With many of us working longer hours than ever, not to forget trying to run a busy household, it can be easy for our stress levels to increase. To help keep your stress levels down, there are various things that you can do, such as meditation or yoga. There are also various deep breathing exercises that you can do when things get too much.
If you are constantly stressed, you are putting yourself at risk of developing serious health issues such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. Not only can breathing exercises and yoga help to combat stress, maintaining a positive attitude can help reduce anxiety and other negative states which can affect the immune system. If you are struggling and aren’t sure where to turn, try and talk to your friends and family who can give you some much needed support and help.

A Good Night’s Sleep

If you aren’t getting a good night’s sleep, the chances are you will wake up feeling groggy, tired and unprepared to face the day ahead. With some studies showing that being sleep deprived is like overdrinking, the effects on the brain can be huge. Poor sleep may also increase pain sensitivity and put you at risk of developing cardiovascular problems.
There are various changes that you can make to your routine to help you get some much needed shut-eye. Creating a sleep schedule can give you a routine and more structure to your day. It’s recommended that you have a full eight hours of sleep which can help regulate immune function.

Quit Smoking

If you are a smoker, there are a wide range of effects that can have a negative impact your immune system. Cigarette smoke is full of chemicals and high levels of tar which can make your immune system less effective and unable to fight off infections. The more you smoke, the likelier chance you have of weakening your immune system, making you more susceptible to autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. What’s more, it can also decrease your body’s ability to fight against cancer.
If you are ready to stop smoking, there are plenty of resources that you can use to your advantage. If you aren’t sure where to begin, it’s best to consult with your doctor who can further advise you on how to stop smoking and the services that are available in your local area to help you pack in the habit for good.

Herbs and Supplements

There are various herbs and supplements that may be able to help boost your immune system. Herbs like elderberry, AHCC and Andrographis may be incredibly beneficial and help reduce the severity and duration of your sickness, especially if you take them from the moment you experience flu like symptoms. While scientists haven’t yet determined whether vitamin C is able to enhance immunity, there has been some evidence to show that this antioxidant can decrease cold incidences.

Natural Remedies

Natural remedies may also help improve your immune system. However, you should bear in mind that scientific support and research is limited on many remedies, so you should take them at your own risk. One of the most powerful and natural antibiotics found in the world is Kambo which is believed to empower the immune system. You can find out more here on how Kambo can benefit you to help strengthen your immune system, keeping you healthy and active.
Following a diet full of fruits and vegetables, incorporating regular exercise into your daily routine and using herbs and supplements are just some of the ways you can help boost your immune system naturally. If you aren’t sure where to start and would like some advice, it’s best to make an appointment with your doctor who will be able to give you more information.


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