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Five Common Car Faults After a Car Crash

Experiencing a car crash is a thoroughly unpleasant experience, especially if, at the time, your spouse and children are in the vehicle. It’s dangerous, traumatic and concerning, but unfortunately with the best driving skills and carefulness in the world you might still fall victim to other poor drivers, freak conditions, or simple bad luck while on the road. In the event of a car crash, there are a number of common faults that can develop in your vehicle that will need to be repaired in order to get your drive back on the road; this article looks at the five most common car issues to help you understand the faults that can occur in your car after a collision.

Wheels and Suspension

After any kind of side-on crash in which your vehicle’s wheels are affected, you’re likely to see some serious damage occurring around your wheel’s suspension and fittings. The angle of the tires, even if altered by a handful of degrees, will make your car impossible to drive. And if any of the suspension is damaged, you’ll need to get it replaced in the garage before getting back out on the road.

Serious Cosmetic Damage

Nearly every car crash will involve a level of cosmetic damage to the panelling. You’ll see some cars on the road bearing the scars of previous scrapes – ones that are merely cosmetic and don’t affect the running of your vehicle. However, more serious issues occur when your vehicle suffers the kind of panel damage that can affect the everyday workings of your vehicle. A side-on collision might prevent you from opening car doors, while a head-on one might break lights and damage your bonnet fittings.

Engine Faults

These are multiple and tend to be the most expensive to fix. Indeed, if your engine has been the main inflicted area after a collision, you might find mechanics telling you that your vehicle is a write-off that should be scrapped. In these cases, get some extra cash from your scrapped vehicle by visiting scrapcarnetwork.org. Other engine damage – such as oil flow and cylinder issues – might be repairable, though at a price.


Cars have taken a shift in the modern era away from being purely mechanical beasts to relying heavily on the kind of electronics that monitor your car’s movement and help it perform some basic driving functions. Frustratingly, it’s difficult to know where the damage has occurred when your electronics are down; you’re going to have to take your car in for repair to see just how extensive the damage is.

The Chassis

More dramatic crashes will collapse the chassis of your vehicle, weakening the whole structure in such a way as to make your car unsafe to take on the roads. A structural issue such as this can be incredibly costly to fix, usually resulting in your vehicle being declared a write-off. Any damage to the core shell that you sit inside of when driving will render your car illegal to take on the roads and is a very common result of more serious car crashes.
In the aftermath of a car crash, these are likely to be the main points of frustration you’ll experience with car faults – some of which you may repair, others may be simply too expensive to warrant a repair job.


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