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Celebrating Easter Traditions {+ A Easter Family Picnic Set Giveaway from Catholic Central} #CatholicCentral #EasterTraditions

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What us your favorite Easter tradition? Whether it's from childhood memories or the those you're creating with your own family, there are always those traditions that we love to reminisce on, aren't there?

Growing up, Easter meant two things. First, it meant getting up while it was still dark out and heading to church for sunrise service. This would then be followed by the egg hunts--- both at church and at home. Now listen, these days I truly do love going to church and I loved these events too... but the getting up so early part? Well, let's just say that this is ONE tradition that I am certainly glad that my own church now does not participate in! I enjoy my sleep even on Easter mornings so our regularly scheduled Easter Sunday services are perfect for me!

Easter 1991- Can you find me? I'm the little blonde girl on the far right in the background. Upfront is my Great Grandpa and younger sister!

The egg hunts though... now THAT is certainly my absolute favorite tradition! As I said, as a kid our hunts would start at church. Despite growing up in a small town (a town that barely qualified as such with its lack of post office and no businesses at all, just two churches!), the turnout on Easter was always pretty impressive. It was nothing fancy, but we always enjoyed searching up and down the hills surrounding the church nonetheless! But that's not where the fun ended. Some Easters we would head to my Grandpa's house where we'd hunt eggs with the cousins, but other times we'd just stay at home and hunt our eggs there. Now, as much I loved those other, bigger hunts--- those at home hunts were my FAVORITE! My dad is after all the MASTER of hiding eggs! Some might be predicable- on a vehicle, beside the teeter totter, in the spout of the well... but it was those hard to find eggs that we lived for! They'd be on top of buildings, hidden inside the garage, barely visible from the outside window... sometimes he'd even hide them on himself. You just never knew what to expect. And if you found those eggs, there was usually some kind of reward. Sure, it may have only be a quarter or a dollar or so... but it was the excitement of the search that kept us coming back for more. And more and more and more. Even after the candy had been emptied, we'd have him hide them once again! That joy of the egg hunt is one tradition that I have tried to pass along to my children!

No matter your traditions- Easter is certainly a time to celebrate! The Resurrection of Christ, the time with the family, the new life of spring... I love it all!

Looking for more inspiration to make your Easter fantastic? Check out Catholic's Central's '6 Tips To Prep For Your Epic Easter' for ideas!

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And in celebration of the Easter holiday and to help you make your Easter epic, Catholic Central is giving one lucky reader the chance to win an Easter Family Picnic Set which will include: 1- Wicker Basket w/Cutlery, Plates, 2 Wine Glasses, Tableware, Fleece Blanket and more! Enter using the giveaway form below:

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  1. I love easter! Thanks for the giveaway!


  2. Love the picnic basket so nice.

  3. This is a Perfect gift for my family. We like to go to a local recreational area with a pond, ducks and nature trails. We love to picnic there is this is a very nice set! Would be nice to have to be more organized, especially when in a rush to go after church!

  4. I'd love to give this to my niece and her family. They love to go to the park and have cookouts with friends. This would be perfect for them ;)

  5. What a cute picnic basket. My little girl loves her Easter egg hunts .

  6. WE have a pool area up the hill from us, this basket would come in handy and the husband and I would love it.

  7. this is such a cute picnic set, love the blue! Having a picnic is a lot of fun and we try to do it a few times a year, nothing better than sitting under the stars during a night time picnic and watching the meteor showers.

  8. Loving the picnic basket looking good

  9. This basket will be a great gift for my son and his family.

  10. For Easter the family comes over and we have dinner and then watch movies.


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