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11 Unique Gift Ideas for the Woman Who Has Everything

Getting a great gift for the women in your life can come with a lot of anxiety. You want to get your mom or your wife the perfect present to show her just how much she is appreciated and thank her for everything she has done for you, but it’s difficult to find just one item that sums up exactly how you feel. The best gifts for the women in your life, or the best gifts for anybody at all, are the ones that combine the perfect mixture of thoughtfulness and uniqueness.

The best thing to do is think about the individual that you are purchasing a gift for, what they enjoy the most, and what they already have. With so many different and quirky gift ideas available today, finding a gift for the woman who ‘has everything’ is easier than ever before. Here are some ideas to consider.

#1. Personalized Jewelry:

Jewelry is often a safe bet for the lady in your life, whether you’re purchasing something special for your wife, a gift of appreciation for your mom, or a cute trinket for your younger sister. But, when the woman you’re buying for already seems to have all the jewelry that she needs, what can you get for her that will really stand out in her collection? Personalized jewelry is a great idea because it combines uniqueness and thoughtfulness perfectly. Whether it’s a simple initial necklace, a locket with a photograph that she will love, or different pieces of Irish jewelry, personalized jewelry is a great way to let a special woman know just how loved she is.

#2. A Trip Away:

Does the woman in your life prefer to have experiences rather than things? Would she rather get to spend a few days exploring a different city compared to a physical gift to unwrap? For the adventurous explorers in your life, a trip away can make for the perfect gift idea, whether it’s a trip to a different city or state or an overseas adventure. Even if it’s just a short weekend trip away to somewhere she has never been before, giving the gift of an experience that she will never forget is sure to show her just how appreciated she is for just being her.

#3. Give the Gift of Scent:

When you’re stuck for gift ideas, you really can’t go wrong with a lovely perfume or even a scent for the home. If the lady that you are buying for loves trying out new scents and always smelling her best, then there is a massive range of perfumes, body sprays, and other scented body care products that you can treat her to. When it comes to home scents, floral reed diffusers, luxury scented candles, and gorgeous room sprays make for wonderful small gift ideas.

#4. Relax and Unwind:

Do you want to show a special lady in your life just how loved and appreciated she is, especially when it comes to all the hard work that she does? Whether she is committed to building her career and works harder than most at her job or stays at home as a full-time busy mom, she is sure to appreciate the chance to unwind, relax, and treat herself to some pampering. A spa day is the perfect gift if you want to surprise her with a relaxing experience; many spas offer the option to use facilities such as the pool, sauna, steam room, and jacuzzi, and you can book her in for a wide range of relaxing and rejuvenating treatments including hot stone massages, head massages, facials, and much more at many popular spas. Some spa days even include the complete VIP treatment, with a glass of champagne available on arrival!

#5. Photo Gifts:

Personalized gifts are hugely popular right now as they’re so unique and can have a really special meaning for the recipient compared to something generic. And, adding your own photo onto gifts is a sure-fire way to personalize it to the max. When it comes to buying a special woman in your life a gift that she is going to love, consider getting an item that can be printed with one of her favorite photographs. Whether it’s a snap of you and her together, her children, her friends, or even her pets, products like these custom blankets from Custom Envy will look super cute and you can rest assured that nobody else will have the same product. Along with personalized photo blankets, you can also choose from a range of other personalizable products including mugs, beach towels, and Apple Watch bands.

#6. A Book She’ll Love:

Books make perfect gifts – not only is there so much choice available, they can be enjoyed over and over again. If you’re trying to find a gift for a lady who loves to read, then a book that you know she won’t be able to put down could be a perfect choice. Alternatively, if you are not sure which books she has already read, you could give her the gift of a Kindle e-reader with a Kindle Unlimited subscription, so that she can download and read unlimited books to her heart’s content. Don’t forget about useful books, too – even if your recipient isn’t much of a novel reader, you can find plenty of books related to her hobbies whether she loves to travel, cook, keep fit, decorate her home, make art, and much more.

#7. Experience Days:

Travel isn’t the only great experience that you can give as a gift. In fact, tickets to almost anything can be a wonderful gift idea, so consider the recipient’s hobbies and interests to come up with an amazing experience that she won’t be forgetting any time soon. You can even find specific websites which sell a range of tickets to different experiences, including supercar driving, hot air balloon rides, wine tasting, art galleries, concerts, stadium tours, private tours of a certain area, and much more.

#8. Learn Something New:

If the lady in your life is always looking for new ways to develop her skills and broaden her horizons, then why not gift her with the opportunity to have some fun and learn something new at the same time? Consider themed cooking classes, art classes, photography classes, or even musical instrument lessons – think about what she already enjoys doing, or anything that she has expressed the desire to do in the past. Some great ideas for new things to learn include scuba diving, another language, fine art, and driving, to name a small few.

#9. Tech and Gadgets:

With so many new gadgets and technologies being released every day, there’s always plenty of choices available when it comes to giving the gift of technology. Check out the latest releases from top smartphone giants such as Apple, Samsung, and Huawei, or consider a gadget that she can use every day, such as a smartwatch or smart home devices such as Amazon Echo or Google Home. Today, smart devices are becoming hugely popular and can be really useful around the home – smart lighting, for example, can be controlled from the user’s phone, or a remote heating system that’s managed via an app. Not only are these exciting and futuristic gifts, but they’re also really fun to use and can have many benefits for home management and saving money.

#10. Subscription Service:

If you want to show your appreciation to a special lady in your life by giving her something that she can use over and over again, a subscription service is a wonderful idea. Whether it’s a year-long subscription to her favorite magazine, a snack or food delivery service, a subscription to a music service such as Spotify, or movie and TV show streaming on Netflix, it’s a gift that she gets to enjoy over and over again. And, it’s a good idea to look beyond the popular subscription options; today you can find subscriptions for pretty much anything, from regular deliveries of fashion and beauty to pet samples, stuff for kids, and much more.

#11. A Charity Donation:

Is the lady that you are buying for a kind and selfless person who wants nothing more than to be there for and help others? Perhaps she is always turning down gifts and asking for people to spend their money on those who really need it, instead. If this sounds like her, then a charity donation in her honor will be a gift that she will love. Consider the charities that she supports and is passionate about and consider which one she would be the most likely to make a donation to. Or, you could use Crowdfunding sites to find personal causes that she will be able to relate to.
When somebody already seems to have everything that they need, finding a gift that they’ll truly appreciate can be tricky. However, bear in mind that the real challenge isn’t to find the perfect item; it’s about making a gesture that really shows how appreciative of them you are.


  1. I LOVE these suggestions. I especially love the Experience Days or Learning Something New. I've always told everyone that there is NOTHING anyone can buy me that I love more as a gift than to do anything big or even VERY small on my bucket list which is basically just experiencing new things and even more importantly making literally priceless memories with the people I love most because I believe that stays with us and lasts forever.


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