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100 Days of Bible Journaling Days 36-42

Day 36: Cast Your Burdens

I don't know about you, but I tend to hold onto a lot of burdens. I worry not just about my own, but those of the people I love too. I know that the Bible tells us to lay those burdens down...but let's be honest, I need that reminder often. When we let go of those things that weigh us down, there is a freedom that comes in that.

For this page I wanted to show that freedom and I thought butterflies- flying about, free as can be- was a great way to do that. I had these butterflies left over from this past summer's Revival Camp kits and I loved their beautiful colors. I thought they went well with these fun stickers that I'd bought years ago and never used!

Day 37: Christ's Resurrection and You

I couldn't help but think that with the upcoming Easter holiday, this particular devotion could not have come at a better time. I loved taking the time to reflect on just what Christ's sacrifice on the cross truly means to me and how it affects my life.

As I read through this devotion, I just kept thinking of this phrase over and over again... I am His. It is a beautiful truth that I simply wanted to capture--- no fancy backgrounds, just a few simple elements that allowed the focus to be on the message alone.

Day 38: God's Purpose For You

God's purpose for our lives and our plans don't always coincide, do they? As a planner, I find comfort in having a plan... in knowing just what is going to happen. It is hard for me to let go of that, but I know that despite my plans, God's are always going to be better.

As I was working on this page, I remembered the 'Mom Life' die cut collection from Bella Blvd. These had several images with calendars, planners, etc. so I knew it would be a perfect fit. I thought this simple 'Today's goal' image was ideal--- a much needed reminder to always just trust in Him.

Day 39: No Greater Love

Again, as I worked through this, I was struck at the amazing timing of these devotions with the Easter holiday. Remember, while you can naturally do this ANY time, the Illustrated Faith community as a whole started November 1st, truly working through the 'Gratitude' season. This served as a great reminder that God's timing for me to be working through it- despite the setback- was just perfect.

But aside from that--- oh what a powerful message this is! What a great love that God gave us in sending Jesus to die for our sins. For this page, I wanted to focus on that. I created a simple heart background with a stencil and ink with some coordinating stickers. I loved the boldness of the colors in this page... while still remaining quite simple overall.

Day 40: You Are Priceless

It's kind of astounding to think about how God sees us--- as flawed and as broken as we are, He sees us as priceless jewels. Wow! That's saying something, isn't it? It's another true testament to just how much He loves each and every one of us.

As I read through this, I knew I wanted to use some elements of the 'You Are Loved' collection from Illustrated Faith. I found these clear cuts within those and loved how it formed a cross that just perfectly highlighted the verse I was journaling. A few pieces of washi stickers to really make it pop really finished off this bold page.

Day 41: What's Your Focus?

What do you spend you time focusing on? Work, family, kids? What about Jesus? If we can remember to always keep Him in the center of all we do, how would that change our perspective?

As a hobbyist photographer, of course I honed in on the word focus and wanted to do some type of camera theme for this page. There were some adorable explorer die cuts from the Jen Hadfield 'Chasing Adventures' collections that offered just that. I love that not only does this go with that photography theme, but also reminds us that our walk with Jesus is the ultimate adventure.

Day 42: The Shape Of Your Heart

Okay, be honest... 90s kids, how many of you read the name of this devotion and immediately started singing Backstreet Boys? Just me? Well, okay then... In all seriousness, this devotion was all about God's ability to take those bent and broken pieces of our hearts and make them beautiful and whole once again.

Again, wanting to keep with the heart theme, I used some heart stencils and ink to create this beautiful background. I used some letter stickers to remind myself that despite whatever life does to our hearts throughout the years, He can make it beautiful and strong.


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