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Top 5 Reasons I'm Loving Dayspring's Women of The Bible Kits {+ A Look Inside Kit #3: Imperfect Hospitality}

**I received this kit as a member of the Dayspring Bible Journaling Launch Team. Post contains affiliate links. All thoughts are 100% my own.

Over the past few months, I have truly enjoyed the chance to study and journal though some great stories of various women found throughout the Bible as part of the Women of the Bible Devotional Kits from Dayspring. As we begin this final month, I wanted to take a moment to share the reasons that I am loving this series myself... and why I think you will too!

  • I have loved digging deeper into the stories. When you think of the 'women of the Bible', who comes to mind? I know for me personally I think of Esther, the Marys and Martha to start with. These are key players and popular stories that we have heard time and time again. While a few of these more well-known women have been featured throughout the study, I have truly enjoyed learning more about those who are lesser known. These are the women whose names we have likely read time and time again, but never really paid much attention to. I've loved taking a look at that small part they played and how it affected the story. We may not all be the Esthers in our story, but we all play an important part and this really helped to remind us of that. 
  • I have loved how perfectly it goes with the (in)courage Bible. The (in)courage Bible is one of my favorites! I have been reading (in)courage for many years so I know the devotional content is beautifully written and so often just what I need to hear. If you are also taking part in the (in)courage Bible Study going on now, it also falls right in line with that, making it a really dynamic Bible study all together. Of course, all three stand alone great on their own too! 
  • I love the focus on relationships. There are many ways we could go about studying women in the Bible, but I really enjoy how this one really focuses more on the relationships between them. Themes like Better Together, Friendship on Purpose and Imperfect Hospitality certainly seem to speak to me as a woman! 
  • I love sharing the love. Like I said, the focus on this series has really been on relationships, and one of the additions that really brings that into the real world are the included greeting cards to be shared with friends. I don't know about you, but I sometimes dread walking out to the mailbox. It seems most days I find nothing but bills, bills, bills. That's a bit disheartening, isn't it? But then every once in awhile, a card will show up. Sometimes for a birthday or other special occasion, or sometimes just to say 'I'm thinking of you'. Sending cards can be a bit of a lost art these days, can't it? But there is something truly uplifting when you open the mailbox to find this light light in your day. These kits don't just preach on relationships and encouragement, but offer us a tool to live our faith too. 
  • I love the design. Of course, as great as all of these aspects are it truly is the style that I love the most! Each kit seems to get better and better. I love the fantastic floral designs, the stunning stamps, and of course the ever-changing craft supplies that each individual kits has to offer! Not only are they great on their own, they work well together too! I love it ALL.

Today I am excited to share with you the third and final Women of the Bible kit: Imperfect Hospitality. Take a look:

This kit includes:

  • 4 devotionals
  • 1 washi tape
  • 2 sheets of clear stickers
  • 8 coordinating paper pieces
  • 2 sheets of alpha stickers
  • 1 4x6 clear stamp set
  • 1 Women of the Bible: Imperfect Hospitality sticker
  • 1 greeting card [from (in)courage]
  • 1 DIY over-sized paperclip with ribbon
  • 4 Free Bonus Printable Pages (delivered via email)
  • 1 message from DaySpring
  • Packaged in a box with moss green tissue paper and a sticker

Can we just take a moment to take in the beauty of this kit? Wow! It's gorgeous! While I love all the elements, for me the stamps take the cake in this one. Absolutely stunning. As with the previous kits in this series, they feature the fun 'women of the bible' stamps, but what really caught my eye was this corner floral stamp... oh the beautiful designs that can be created with this stamp, both in this kit and beyond.

The paper pieces and washi are always favorites for me, and these certainly did not disappoint. I love the florals, of course, but more than anything I love the selected phrases and look forward to creating pages around these ideas. The stickers again go perfectly and I love how they include two sheets of each. This is especially useful with letter stickers, as I ALWAYS seem to run out long before I'm ready.

The most unique element of this kit is the DIY over-sized paper clip with ribbon. What a fun idea! It has everything you need to make a very simple ribbon marker, but I for one very much look forward to seeing what other creative ideas can be found to use these. Perhaps adding additional ribbons or yarn, or various other elements from the kit! The possibilities are endless! 

The Women of the Bible: Imperfect Hospitality Devotional Kit is available TODAY!

And it's on sale! That's right, you can save 25% off sitewide with the coupon code FAITH25. This code is valid sitewide through April 1. 

This is a great time to grab Women of the Bible kits, journaling supplies and so much more! Remember shipping is always free on orders over $50 so this is a GREAT time to stock up!

Have you been taking part in the Women of the Bible Bible Journaling Kits or Study? What are you loving most about these kits?


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