Friday, March 22, 2019

Bible Journaling Supplies I'm Loving In the Moment {+ A $50 Gift Card Instagram Giveaway}

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In the 3+ years since I have started Bible journaling, my style has changed a lot.

I started quite simply with a few pens and colored pencils to create very simple designs. In time that gave way to brighter colors and bolder pieces- paint and stickers and washi galore. That is in part due to learning and growing more comfortable in a variety of techniques, but I have also found that I will also just go through phases where certain styles appeal to me more than others.

Now, as I've had to adjust my style has been more post-injury, I have found that I've been sticking with a much more simple style than past seasons. While I still have my all-time favorites that remain steady through the years, today I am sharing some current styles, techniques and tools that I am finding myself drawn to right NOW.

Ink & Stencils

For a long time, I steered clear of using ink in any other way aside from stamping (and even then I'll admit it's not my most used medium). But I am always looking to try new techniques, so last month I found a fantastic Vicki Boutin stencil and decided to give it a try. Using a makeup sponge and Distress Inks, I found that not only was it an absolutely stunning way to create backgrounds, but it was very simple too. You can use any inks that you might have, but I do personally love the color selection and and vibrant pigments in the Distress Inks (plus you can find great collections that blend well with one another). I love the Vicki Boutin stencils for a few reasons. First, they are the perfect size for my Bible pages. The designs are fantastic too. I have not seen one yet that I haven't fallen in love with. But most importantly, I love the price too! 3 stencils for around $5 is a truly great price compared to others that I have found. Have a Silhouette? You can also create your own stencils using cardstock as well.

Jen Hadfield Collections

For a long time, I mostly stuck with die cuts and stickers that were intended for Bible journaling (such as Illustrated Faith). To be honest, they're just easier. All phrases and images in those collections are created with Bible journaling in mind, so they take out some of the guesswork. But as I was recently browsing for new supplies, I discovered several collections that absolutely changed my mind on that. Many of those were Jen Hadfield collections. Her style is so stunning. The 'My Bright Life' collection is the first that wowed me. The colorful bowls made me think of my own love of Vintage Pyrex... 100% my style! 'Along the Way' was soft and pretty... filled with peace--- and therefor ideal for journaling pages on the topic. 'Patio Party' is fun and bright and colorful... one that I know will be ideal for summer journaling. Her newest collection 'Chasing Adventures' has very quickly become a favorite too with its vibrant florals, animals prints and interesting elements. Yes, using these elements that were not solely created for Bible journaling does require a little more imagination, but I am absolutely LOVING the new inspiration they are providing nonetheless.


I've used Gelatos off and on for the past few years, but I've found the last few months has really sparked a new love of them for me. They are great for so many things, but I am enjoying creating subtle water color like backgrounds using gelatos and an acrylic block

Bella Blvd Mom Life Collection

This 'Mom Life' collection from Bella Blvd is another collection that I just absolutely fell in love with the moment I first saw it. It was one that I admittedly wasn't sure just how I would be able to incorporate into my journaling, but I loved every element so I knew I would figure it out somehow. From busy schedules, fun colors and all things motherhood, I know that this is one that a lot of my fellow moms will enjoy too! I have many fun ideas that I look forward to incorporate into my journaling pages in the very near future... celebrating this role that God has placed me in as mom!

While there are MANY other supplies that I love and recommend overall, I hope you have enjoyed getting to see a look at where my current inspiration has been coming from! You can find all of these great supplies and so much more at

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