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Why Use A Devotional Kit for Journaling? {+ A Look Inside Dayspring's Women of the Bible: Friendship on Purpose Kit}

**I received this kit as part of the Dayspring Bible Journaling Launch Team. Post contains affiliate links, and I will receive a small commission for any purchase made via these links. All thoughts are my own.

Throughout the last few years, I have had the chance each month to share with you the monthly devotional kits available at Dayspring. While you've enjoyed them, a few have asked the question: why use a devotional kit? Why not just journal on my own? Today, I am addressing that question with my personal top 3 reasons I love using these kits.

  1. They offer inspiration and direction. How many times have you picked up your Bible to do some journaling only to find yourself asking... what should I journal? I know I have! I know that I need to spend that time in the Word, worshiping God in this way that brings me peace but where to begin? I have found that by working through devotionals, I am given a set direction to go in. Personally, I have found this structure to be very beneficial to me. Not only does it take out some of the guesswork, but it encourages me to look at stories and verses that I might not have turned to otherwise. Let's be honest, when left to my own devices I will often turn to favorite verses that I've journaled time and time again. Mixing it up is good.
    In addition, because I am not just reading stories and verses but devotional content as well, I am gaining a different perspective than what I would have gotten just reading it on its own. We can read the same verses over and over again and not pick up on themes or real life applications that others do so this is a great way to truly get a better grasp on the Bible. In the end, isn't that the goal?
  2. They give you the tools needed.
    These days, my journaling supply stash is pretty large having been collecting for over 3 years now. When I was just starting? I had the basics and barely that. I love that these kits provide everything that you need to create beautifully coordinating pages with little else required. Yes, you can mix in your existing supplies too, but if you don't have anything else, you're still set. From stickers to die cuts, stamps and washi, it's all there. For those just starting, the newly added art supplies like last month's Gelatos and this month's ink pad can be a great way to experiment with different mediums and techniques to find our own unique journaling style. 
  3. They offer a community.
    Did you know that Dayspring has their very own Bible journaling group on Facebook? There you can connect with others who share this love of journaling. Many are also working through these same kits. I love seeing how others have worked through each devotion and hear about their takeaway.Already have a local Bible journaling community (or thinking of starting one)? These can be great to work through together in person as well.

While journaling on your own can be great too, there truly is a lot to be gained by working through a devotional kit as well. The current Women of the Bible: Friendship on Purpose is a great place to start. Let's take a look:

What's included:

  • 4 devotionals
  • 1 washi tape
  • 2 sheets of clear stickers
  • 6 coordinating paper pieces
  • 2 sheets of alpha stickers
  • 1 4x6 clear stamp set
  • 1 Women of the Bible: Friendship on Purpose sticker
  • 1 greeting card [from (in)courage]
  • 1 Navy blue ink pad
  • 4 Free Bonus Printable Pages (delivered via email)
  • 1 message from DaySpring
  • Packaged in a box with moss green tissue paper and a sticker

This kit is the second in the Women of the Bible kits with devotionals from the (in)courage Bible. While it coordinates beautiful with said Bible and the previous kit, neither is required to gain from this one. Each kit stands perfectly on its own. In this kit, we see some of those same colors and styles brought through, but I personally love the richer colors featured in this one- the mustard, the navy, the red. The washi brings in a deeper purple and really ties both kits together beautifully. My favorite part of this kit is the die cuts- I love the designs and phrases and know they will provide great finishing touches to my journaling pages.

What's unique about this kit? It includes a stunning navy blue ink pad! When Dayspring first started the OLD devotional kits, each included one of these ink pads in a coordinating color. It was one of the featured items in those old style kits that I truly did miss so I was THRILLED to open the box to discover it inside.

This kit is absolutely gorgeous and I cannot wait to dive in. Will you join me?

Women of the Bible: Friendship on Purpose Devotional Kit is available to purchase now at Dayspring. Right now, you can take advantage of FREE SHIPPING on kits 1&2 through February 22nd, no code required! 

Be sure to follow along here on the blog and Instagram as I journal through this kit and share how-tos to inspire your journaling.


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