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Give One of a Kind Valentines with Minted Classroom Valentine's Cards

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What is your favorite part of Valentine's Day?

Is it the romance? The candy? The colors? Yes, there are many things to love about Valentine's Day, that's for sure... but for me the best part has always been the Valentine's Day CARDS.

This started when I was a kid. I remember looking through and finding the best Valentine's Day cards to share with my classmates and friends. After those class parties, I loved seeing which Valentine each of them had chosen. I distinctly remember a classmate passing out 'Clarissa Explains It All' valentines around the second grade and thinking those were the greatest cards ever! The sweets and the love are all great... but the cards, well, there is just something about them that sticks with me.

As a mom, I have gotten to carry that love onto my kids and love helping them pick out fun cards that suit their personalities too. These days, there are even more ways to do that! Thanks to Pinterest and the like, we have a great deal of inspiration right at our fingertips to make truly unique cards. And I love the idea of that...in theory.

But let's be honest here... who has the time for that!?

Don't get me wrong...I love crafting. I love the idea of sending my kids off to school with cards that are personal to them. But on an already busy schedule, the idea can be overwhelming. So how can we give our children unique, one of a kind cards they will love--- without compromising our time and sanity?

Minted comes to the rescue with their fantastic classroom valentine cards! 

Minted offers the best selection of kids valentines, from cute valentines to funny valentines and everything in between! Minted's Valentine’s Day cards are printed on your choice of their Signature, 100% Recycled, or Pearlescent papers to ensure the cards both look and feel like the standouts of the handout. 

Take a look at just a few of my personal favorites:

So, what is to love about these Minted Valentine's Day classroom cards?

  • The offer a great variety. There truly are so many great styles to choose from so you are sure to find one that is just right for your child's personal style and interests. Dinosaurs? Got them! Ballet? Got them! Punny and smart? Yes, they have them all! It can be hard to find Valentine's Day card options that are not from a popular TV Show or movie, so if you have a kid who is not into any of those, they will love having some of these more generally themed options. Every card is created by an independent artist, so there truly is quite the wide variety of style--- cute, simple, funny...whatever you might need. 
  • They are great quality. If you have ever ordered cards, invites or other personalized gifts from Minted, you know that you a getting a great quality product for your money.
  • They are one of a kind. As with all thing Minted, the real highlight of the Minted classroom cards is that they are personalized! The most obvious personalized option is having your child's name printed right on the card. Now, if you have a child (or children) who cannot yet write their names... well, you know what a benefit that can be. Aside from that though, I have found that kids love seeing their name in print, making these cards even more fun. It doesn't stop there though. Depending on the cards you choose, you can also change options like colors, kinds of paper and more. There are even some that include a picture of your child too. There are so many ways to make them just right for YOUR child. With so many options, we can get those one of a kind cards we love with a few simple clicks on the computer--- no DIY required!

Even better? Through Wednesday, February 6th (3 PM PT), you can enjoy FREE priority shipping on classroom valentines $35+. Use the Code: BEMINE2019. Order classroom valentines by Wed 2/6 at 3pm PT with priority shipping for Wed 2/13 delivery.


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