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How to Change Yourself for the Better

People tend not to be overly keen on change, which makes it difficult if there’s something about your life you’re not happy with. Be honest with yourself and think about your habits. How many of them would you change if you knew how to? What about all those New Year resolutions you continue to make every year? How many of them have you actually stuck to? We might not be very good at making changes, but they are perfectly doable. If there are things in your life that don’t fill you with joy, here are some steps that might help.

Be Honest with Yourself

Before you can make any progress, you first need to examine your life, accept the mistakes you’ve made and look for ways to make things better. As well as acknowledging your bad behaviors, you also need to take ownership of them rather than blaming them on somebody or something else.
By taking ownership of your problems, you’re also admitting that you can do something about them. If you can’t see anything wrong with the way you lead your life perhaps you should ask those around you what they think. You might be shocked at some of their answers.

Be Prepared to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Making any change is not going to be easy, and it’ll require lots of effort on your part. You’ve already looked closely at yourself, admitted you have faults, decided you need to change and looked at putting that into practice. You may have some discomfort to deal with in the beginning, and it’s definitely going to take you out of your comfort zone.
Stick with it, and it’ll continue to get easier. Falling back into your old habits is going to be easy, and you may even give in to temptation every now and again. Don’t beat yourself up, but don’t give up either.

Set Goals

Be very clear in the way you want to change by setting precise goals. Don’t say you just want to be a better person. Instead, be clearer by telling yourself you want to be more patient or more empathic. Taking small steps towards your ultimate goal and setting smaller targets makes it more achievable as well as keeping you focused and motivated.

You Need a Support Network

You can make changes on your own, but you’ll have more success if you’ve got a support network. They’ll be there when you need encouragement and help. You’ll also be accountable to them. There are professionals who can provide treatment, for example, Epiphany Sober Living, or you can meet up with other people who share the same goals. Do some research online and you’ll find groups in your area as well as online communities.

Making lifestyle changes isn’t going to be easy, and telling you it is would be counterproductive. Far better for you to be prepared and accept the hurdles you’ll have to face. It doesn’t matter who you are; there’s always going to be room for improvement. Look closely at your own life and you might be surprised how much you can change with a little effort.  



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