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Tampa Moving Guide: What You Have to Know

If you are planning to relocate to Tampa, FL, you should rest assured that you are hardly alone. Tampa is a fast-growing city that is proving to be a magnet for new residents. Knowing that you are moving to a fast-growing area should inspire you to take ample time to plan your move the right way. Below is some information that you need to know about Tampa. If you are searching for a moving company in the Tampa Bay area check out Suddath. They made relocating a breeze!

Transportation in Tampa

Tampa International Airport serves the city and is located six miles from Downtown Tampa. If you move to the area, you should count on having to drive most places. There is a large network of highways. If you are willing to pay tolls, you can take advantage of express lanes on the roads and move further out from the city in order to take advantage of lower housing prices. There is ample parking in Downtown Tampa if that is where your job is located, and prices are affordable.

Neighborhoods in Tampa

There are 73 neighborhoods for you to choose from in Tampa. Downtown Tampa has proven to be popular among residents who want to live close to their jobs. You will pay for that convenience, although housing prices in downtown are still lower than most major cities. There are affordable neighborhoods to the north of the city. This area is connected to downtown by several highways. South Tampa is a trendy area that is close to the waterfront and historical too. If you want to live in an area of Tampa where there is seemingly always something happening, you should check out historic Ybor City. Since Tampa is spread out, there is always new housing development coming to the marketplace.

What to Do in Tampa

Tampa is rich with activities in many different areas. There are three major professional sports teams in the area to keep you entertained throughout the year. In addition, Busch Gardens provides thrilling rides and entertainment for the entire family. There are also many marine-based activities in Tampa, including an aquarium. Tampa has a bustling nightlife and a burgeoning restaurant scene.

Tampa Weather

This is one of the most ideal draws of the city. The weather is warm year round and there is a breeze blowing in off the beach to keep the temperature from getting excessively warm. The spring and the fall are the best seasons for the weather in the city. You can take advantage of the city's proximity to the water most months out of the year.

Benefits of Living in Tampa

One of the major draws for people to relocate to Tampa is the fact that the state does not assess an income tax. The lower tax burden means that you can keep more of your paycheck. Property taxes are also low and housing is inexpensive. As far as metropolitan areas in the Sun Belt go, Tampa is one of the more affordable cities. Finally, given the fact that Tampa is a popular relocation destination, there is a diverse population in the city.


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