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How To Turn Holiday Traveling From A Blizzard Into A Breeze

The holidays are a time for love and family, but the challenges of traveling for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years tend to make the whole season a little less joyful. These peak travel weeks seem to bring every family out of their cozy homes and crowding transportation hubs of all kinds. Even though there are five times as many motorcoach terminals across the country as there are airports, both present long boarding lines, new delays every hour, and crowds of frustrated families. While there's no way to convince others not to travel during the holidays, here are some tips to help you conquer the chaos.

Avoid Peak Travel Times

Catching an early morning flight while juggling children and luggage and coffee may not sound like the height of holiday fun, but it could save your entire trip. The first flight of the day is typically the most affordable and the early morning hours means that you will beat the crazy crowds. It also lessens the chance of your flight being delayed, as it's the first to go out. If possible, consider even traveling on the night of Christmas Eve, as those flights will be less packed, or driving at night to avoid traffic.

Plan Your Gifts Wisely

To avoid having to check more than necessary or lugging around bulky gifts for your family, think about the best way to do it ahead of time. If you can, opt for smaller gifts that are easy to fit into your best carry-on luggage or even gift cards. For big presents, the best strategy is to ship them to your destination beforehand, saving you the time and money on checking them at the airport.

Don't Get Hangry

A rumbling stomach is almost always a recipe for a traveling disaster. When you're hungry, it's more difficult to think straight and you could take a wrong turn or get into the wrong line without knowing. It can also make you more irritable, causing you to get angry with the kids or flight attendants who are just doing their job. Pack plenty of snacks for everyone in the family to smooth over potential delays and schedule in time to get a full meal if you know you're going to need it.

As the yearly images of crowded airports and traffic-ridden roads start popping up on news channels to warn of traveling difficulties, don't panic. If you have a plan in place and a backpack of supplies to cover any travel emergency, you will get through it smoothly and arrive at your destination ready for some holiday cheer.


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