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Budget Friendly Gift Ideas for the Family

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Christmastime might be the most magical time of the year... but it can also be the most expensive time of the year too. We want to let our friends and family know how much we love them by showering them in the grand gifts they deserve... but for many of us, that's just not something we can accomplish within our holiday budget.

Today, I'm sharing a few easy and inexpensive gift ideas that might be just the solutions you're looking for. 

  • Photos. Growing up it seems as though this was the typical gift for all the grandparents. Pictures of us. And of course, they LOVED it! These can be photos you've had done professionally, school/sports photos, or even just cute snaps you've captured throughout the year. I always like to add a frame when possible too... which you can often find as low as $1 at your local Dollar Tree/dollar store. 
  • Homemade Gifts. Now let's be honest... homemade gifts aren't ALWAYS cheaper once you factor in supplies, but if you plan it right, they can be. Back before the days of Pinterest, my mom would take inexpensive flower pots and paint them to look like Santa, snowmen, etc. Fill them with some candy for a thoughtful gift that doesn't break the bank. Homemade ornaments can be fun too. When shopping for craft supplies, always be sure to look for coupons and various discounts too.
  • Baked Goods. Again you'll want to be mindful of what you're creating in order to fit your budget... but for the most part, you can create a fantastic sweet treat for much less than your typical gift. Again, find cute cookie tins at Dollar Tree or similar places to pack them in. Really, who doesn't love holiday treats, right?
  • Family Gifts. Sometimes we feel like we need to get an individual gift for EACH person in the family. Let me tell you, that can get expensive! Even at just $5-10 a person, with a large family that easily adds up. If you aren't able to get individual gifts, a family gift can be a great way to go. My go to? Board games! You can usually find great deals on them this time of year, and it is something the whole family can enjoy together. I've also done picture books for the kids too.
These are just a few simple ideas to get you started, but the most important thing to remember that anyone who truly matters isn't going to care about what you can or cannot give. The season truly is not about the gifts, but those you spend it with. 

Have you mastered the art of Christmas on a budget? What are some of your go to budget friendly gifts? 


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