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Great Non-Toy Gift Ideas {+ Save on Custom Vinyl Graphics}

**This is a sponsored post written by myself on behalf of Custom Vinyl Graphics & Dealspotr. All thoughts are 100% my own. 

The toy boxes overflow. They shelves seem about to collapse. Some days you find yourself looking around your child's room and wondering which toy store exploded into this mess!

And then Christmas time has arrived. It's time to start shopping.

But, what do you get that kid who truly has everything they could possibly need? More toys that will be played with for a week and then piled onto that already existent mountain? I don't think so. Still, we want something that kids are going to LOVE! So, what do we do?

Today I'm sharing a few great NON-TOY gift ideas for this holiday season:


In our house, books are frequently on the gift lists anyway! They truly are the greatest gift--- you can find any kind of book to spark your child's interest, they encourage them to learn AND they generally take up much less room than toys too!


Okay, so this might not be so much fun for some kids, but as they get older, it's a great way to go! Fun PJs, cute graphic tees with their favorite characters, etc. When I'm considering clothes for Christmas, I try to think about not just what they NEED, but what they would really WANT that I might not normally pick up for them.


Kids won't ALWAYS remember specific toys they received... but they will remember experiences! Take a trip, get a zoo membership, go to a concert. It's something they will love--- but nothing that you'll be constantly picking up and putting back in that toy box.

Room Decor.

Kids spend a lot of time playing in their bedrooms... so why not make them fun this Christmas? Fun throw pillows and plushes. A cute blanket. Something to keep all those new toys in. Or my favorite--- some fun wall art! They'll appreciate having a room that is 100% them.

When it comes to fun room decor, nothing can beat custom wall decals. For that Custom Vinyl Graphics has us covered. So, what sets Custom Vinyl Graphics apart?

  • Removeable and Reuseable. 
    I love this for TWO reasons. First and foremost, we are renters. We love the look of having each child's name on their wall--- but painting it simply isn't an option. This allows us to do that with no damage to the walls. Should we move, we can take it along with us, no problem at all. But aside from that, let's be honest: kids can change their interests faster than they change their underwear. With these, they can simply take them down and replace with a new one whenever they feel the need for a change.
  • Custom Made.
    With Custom Vinyl Graphics, you don't have to just choose from any old design that they happen to have available. They can be 100% custom made from any image or logo! Amazing, right? Perhaps you have a kid who is into drawing their own comics--- how fun would it be to feature those characters right on their own wall!? The possibilities truly are endless.
  • No Damage to Walls. 
    This again goes back to being temporary, but it is certainly worth mentioning again. This isn't just a great aspect for renters like myself, but for ANYONE who likes to change things up every now and again. Take it off and start all over--- no need for any costly or time consuming repairs to get the wall looking great again as there would be with nails. 
  • Not JUST For Kids Rooms.
    Though we've talked primarily about kids rooms and kids gifts, these decals can be used just about anywhere. They are perfect for homes, kids rooms, man caves, businesses and more. 

Of course the best part of all? They're affordable! And right now, you can save 10% off with the exclusive code RANDIKAYE. Hurry over to Custom Vinyl Graphics to grab yours today!

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