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Give the Gift of Art Worship with Ellie Claire Journals {A Holiday Gift Guide Review}

**Journals received for consideration, all thoughts are 100% my own.

How do you worship? Through music? Through giving to others? Through art?

By now, most of us likely know a little something about worshiping through art...be it Bible journaling, coloring, etc. Even if you don't partake yourself, you likely know someone who does. This unique form of worship has been blowing up over the last several years, it's everywhere...and I love it. There's something really inspiring about seeing those beloved scriptures brought to life in such a beautiful way...I love seeing those hand lettered words filling up my newsfeed. Whether it's incorporated into Bible journaling, planners or just because, there truly is something that can be gained from taking the time to really focus on those words as we write them out.

The Faith & Lettering Journal from Ellie Claire can really help us to dive in and celebrate just that!

The perfect resource to discover and develop your own personal style for lettering and illustrating your faith.New from professional letterer Krystal Whitten! With guides, instructions, and tutorials, this is a fun and inspiring way to create beauty with words. It is the perfect place for journalers to practice Bible journaling, lettering quotes and verses, or decorating a page with original thoughts and plans. Exploring your God-given creativity has never been so rewarding.

I absolutely, positively love this journal! If you've followed my Bible journaling over the last few years, you know that this is a skill that I have really wanted to improve upon. This journal will provide the inspiration and tips needed to do just that. Throughout the journal you will find tips to help get you started as well as room to practice what you've learned. Some pages are designed to repeat each letter in a particular style, while others offer a specific hand lettering layout design that you can copy and practice multiple times--- these are the perfect sized designs to go in your journaling Bible one you've practiced and feel comfortable in doing so. The blank pages throughout are of course ideal for practicing your own lettering, but could also be great for jotting down thoughts on the verses you've lettered, prayer concerns or whatever you might need.

Perhaps my favorite aspect of this journal are the examples of lettering scattered throughout the pages--- offering more inspiration and making it just a fun journal to flip through and admire. I truly love how perfect this journal fits with this current love or worship through lettering and art.

This isn't a new trend though. Sure, it might be gaining some popularity...but even in medieval times, monks were creating beautiful works of art depicting Biblical stories. The techniques ans styles may have changed, but the worship is the same. Ellie Claire also has a few options that celebrate those more classic styles! First up, The Illustrated Word: An Illuminated Bible Coloring Journal:

Glorious illustrations from ancient manuscripts recreated as line drawings for the reader to color.
Create your own masterpiece with this journal that has forty glorious illustrations from ancient manuscripts that have been recreated as line drawings. Just as medieval monks brought Scripture to life through intricate inked illustrations in handwritten manuscripts hundreds of years ago, you can now create your own stunning keepsake that will be treasured for years to come.

Now, I have quite a collection of coloring books, but none of them quite like this. I love how it takes these classic pieces and brings them to a modern audience in a whole new way. It truly made me appreciate how scripture art has evolved over time. You can color in these masterpieces, and then still have space to journal and reflect too. This beautiful journal will make an amazing gift that you might just have to keep for yourself!

Love that classic style, and want learn to truly recreate and make your own story come to life? If so, Illuminate Your Story is perfect!

Use this almost-lost art of illuminating letters to enhance your writing, Bible journaling, or sermon note-taking. Rich illustrated manuscripts in the Museum of the Bible's collection inspired these gorgeous letters. Easy to follow instructions, practice pages, and encouragements guide you through the creation of amazing start letters, flourishes, and more.HIGHLIGHTS:
Cloth spine opens for lay-flat journaling; Elastic pen loop on spine; High-quality, non-bleed paper; Uplifting, inspirational quotes sprinkled throughout; Drawing guides, grid background practice pages, plus lined pages for journaling; Ribbon marker, pocket, elastic band closure

This is very similar to the first journal in that it gives you the how to followed with lots of room to work--- but in a much more specific antique style! Like an old story book, it can bring your own story to a whole new level! Each letter has its own section with practice space, then a quote that begins with that letter. This gives you plenty of room to both letter the quotes/scriptures...as well as additional space to reflect upon it however makes sense to you. I love how this journal celebrates that style but makes it your own too.

Looking to give the gift of art worship this year? Each of these journals is a fantastic option! Gift them all, or choose the one that best fits your personal tastes! Follow Ellie Claire Gifts on Instagram to see more great art!

Do you love to use art as a form of worship? Which of these Ellie Claire journals is your favorite?


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