Easy DIY Grinch Ornaments

In my house... we LOVE the Grinch!

He really is a Christmas staple, isn't he? Every year, we watch both movies, and sing the classic song over and over again. It's my son's favorite!

If you ask me, nothing can touch the original cartoon that so many of us grew up watching... but we are excited to head to the theater this weekend to check out the new film 'The Grinch' anyway! My kids have not stopped talking about it for WEEKS!

to help channel some of that excitement, we decided to make a fun little craft to celebrate our love of the Grinch...and our excitement for the new movies--- using inexpensive supplies from Dollar Tree!

DIY Grinch Ornaments

  • Clear Craft Ornament
  • Grinchy Green Feather Boa
  • Red Paint/Stickers
  1. First, you're going to get your ornament stuffing ready. In our case, that means plucking the feather boa to separate the feathers a bit. To be honest, you can really stuff this with anything- tulle, fabric strips, beads, get creative with it. We did all of our craft shopping at Dollar Tree and couldn't find any tulle (as we'd planned to use) in the correct shade of green to really give that more authentic 'Grinch' look. We did however come across these fun feather boas. They were the perfect color, and I'd hoped that the feathers inside the ornament would help to give it a 'furry' feel. At the very least...a fun twist and inexpensive supply! 
  2. Whatever you choose to stuff with, start stuffing! Gently remove the top of the ornament, and fill until you have the desired look. 
  3. Take a bit of red acrylic paint, and paint a simple heart. Make them big, make them little... or a combination of both... one from before, one from after! The hearts don't have to be perfect... the Grinch's heart is a little misshapen anyway! Allow to dry. Alternately, you ca use stickers or other craft supplies too.
  4. Hang on your Christmas tree for everyone to see!

How adorable is this!? And it's very inexpensive too. While you can find these supplies just about anyway, we again purchased from Dollar Tree, and already have red paint/stickers on hand. The total cost of 2 ornaments? Just $2! 

Do you love the Grinch? Which version is your favorite? Will you be checking out the newest one in theaters this weekend?


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  2. Such a cute idea me and the kids will definitely be making these this year thank you for sharing


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