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On This Christmas {A Journal Review}

**Journal received for consideration. Post contains affiliate links. All thoughts are 100% my own.
Christmas is my favorite time of the year!

There's something truly magical about Christmas, right? Each year I find myself wanting to make the most of every moment so that my children have those fond holiday memories to look back on. And each year as the holidays draw near I find myself thinking back to Christmases past...both my own childhood, and of previous Christmases with my own kids. Those are memories I treasure and want to keep.

Today, I am very excited to share with you a new journal that can help us to do just that, 'On This Christmas':

Capture five years of your favorite Christmas memories in this beautiful, keepsake guided journal. Building on the highly popular "one line a day" journal concept, On This Christmas: A Five-Year Journal of Your Favorite Traditions, Memories, and Gifts is an interactive keepsake that allows you to record your holiday celebrations over the course of five years.
Every joyful Christmas season you think, I'll never forget this! But the memories slip quietly away over time. Now you can save them and treasure them all in one place. This Christmas is a five-year guided journal with thought-provoking prompts such as "The gift I'm most excited to share," "We are choosing to slow down the holiday by ______," "A special blessing we enjoyed," and "Our favorite tradition this year." With Scripture and inspirational thoughts, This Christmas will help you preserve precious times with friends and family as you celebrate the Christmas season.

I have seen other 5-year-journals in the past, and had really fallen in love with this idea. It's very interesting to me to look back and see my thoughts on the various prompts and see how I have changed and grown throughout the years. A journal that does that JUST for Christmas!? I LOVE it even more!

Now, I will say the layout is a little bit different than other 5-year-journals I have seen in the past. Typically these seem to have one page with the prompt, and a space to write a brief thought every day for those 5 years. In those daily journals, this makes sense... any more space given than that and the whole thing would have to be HUGE! Because this journal only covers 25 days, December 1-25, it is able to have more space to truly reflect on the prompts given--- things such as Christmas treats we've made to how we've seen God's love at work through the month. Each section is separated by year, with the same questions repeating. As someone who can be a little bit wordy, I love that I truly do have more room to express myself without feeling the space crunch. In addition, there are also beautiful Christmas images and verses/quotes spread throughout that we can enjoy throughout the season.

While I've loved the other 5-year-journals I've seen in the past, this one is certainly the best one yet. I personally cannot wait to get started journaling this holiday season.

On This Christmas is available to purchase now at your favorite Christian book retailers.


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