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I'd Rather Be Reading {A Book Review & #Hallohop Giveaway for Book Lovers}

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Ever since I was a little girl, books have played a huge role in my life.

I grew up in the country... and when I say country, I don't just mean a small town. I mean dead end gravel roads, no stores... truly the country. To be honest, there wasn't a whole lot to do... and so I sought the adventure that I could find in the pages of a book. They took me to the big cities, to lands far away, to times I could only imagine. Yes, there was magic among those pages.

I remember those books that I loved as a child--- not in details after so many years, but in the way they made me feel. Stories like Little Women, Mandy, The Secret Garden and A Little Princess. I could not get enough. This is a love that has only grown as I've gotten older. To this day, books remain an important part of my life--- a much needed escape from whatever real life has thrown my way. Books make us laugh, they teach us love, they show us adventure, they frustrate us... they give us life.

If you see yourself in these words, I've got just the book for you, 'I'd Rather Be Reading':

For so many people, reading isn't just a hobby or a way to pass the time--it's a lifestyle. Our books shape us, define us, enchant us, and even sometimes infuriate us. Our books are a part of who we are as people, and we can't imagine life without them.
I'd Rather Be Reading is the perfect literary companion for everyone who feels that way. In this collection of charming and relatable reflections on the reading life, beloved blogger and author Anne Bogel leads readers to remember the book that first hooked them, the place where they first fell in love with reading, and all of the moments afterward that helped make them the reader they are today. Known as a reading tastemaker through her popular podcast What Should I Read Next?, Bogel invites book lovers into a community of like-minded people to discover new ways to approach literature, learn fascinating new things about books and publishing, and reflect on the role reading plays in their lives.
The perfect gift for the bibliophile in everyone's life, I'd Rather Be Reading will command an honored place on the overstuffed bookshelves of any book lover.

A book that written for the true reader!? Yes, please! I couldn't wait to dive in myself.

First of all, can we just take a moment to admire this cover? Now, I know we aren't supposed to judge a book by it's cover... but if we were going to, this would get my seal of approval right away. It truly is a book lovers dream--- a cute little private library and a comfy chair to curl into. I love it. I found myself thinking that this is a book I would love to display in my own little library, should I ever be lucky enough to have one!

But cover aside, it's the words inside that matter and the words inside this one were just perfect. Each turn of the page featured stories that only a book lover could truly understand and appreciate. So often as book nerds, we can feel a little bit alone in those nerdy moments. That dream of sliding through the aisles on my own ladder like Belle through my personal library? Yes, that might seem weird to any other non-book person... but a reader gets it. Reading this book was a fun reminder that we're not alone in that love, and there truly are others who get the power of a great book.

If you love books, this is going to be a must add to your already overflowing shelf. Have someone in your life who is an avid reader? This would make an ideal gift too.

'I'd Rather Be Reading' is available to purchase now at you favorite book retailers.

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