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A Real Life Romance Story {An Indivisible Movie Review + Giveaway} #indivisiblemovie #FlyBy

**Screening received for consideration. All thoughts are 100% my own.
Don't you just love a good romance movie?

There's something about watching two characters meet and fall in love that really tugs at our heartstrings. They might have their struggles to finally end up together, but at the end it's all tied up in a pretty bow. And they all live happily every after.

The reality is, that's not a true romance story. Real life relationships are so often filled with twists and turns, high points and low points. Where happily ever after ends, real life begins. To be honest, you don't often see that in the movies. We never see what happens after the honeymoon ends.

A few years ago I fell in love with the movie Fireproof because it DID show just that. It was open and real about the realities that marriage wasn't always easy--- but a reminder that that it was worth fighting for. I found myself wishing there were more stories just like those. Perhaps if there were, people would be more willing to keep fighting, even if it didn't look like the movies.

Today, I'm sharing another great movie that does just that, Indivisible:

INDIVISIBLE  is  the  extraordinary  true  story  of  Army  Chaplain  Darren  Turner  and  his  wife  Heather,  whose  lives  are  fully  devoted  to  serving  God,  family,  and  country.  But  when  war  etches  deep  battle  scars—both  overseas  and  on  the  home  front—the  Turners’  rock-solid  marriage  is  shaken  to  its  core.    Carrying  burdens  the  other  can’t  comprehend,  they  must  decide  if  they’re  willing  to  face  one  more  battle:  the  fight  to  save  their  marriage.  From  the  director  of  The  Grace  Cardand  the  studio  that  brought  you  Fireproof  and  War  Room  comes  INDIVISIBLE,  the  story  of  one  marriage  ...  one  family  ...  under  God.  Starring  Sarah  Drew,  Justin  Bruening,  Jason  George,  Tia  Mowry,  and  Madeline  Carroll.
As a military wife, this movie certainly struck home with me. I understood all too well those fears of having a spouse fighting a war far away. The anxiety with every knock at the door. The loneliness that can so often accompany that. I also understood the impact that this life can have on families. It changes people, that readjustment is hard. I have seen all too often how it can tear families apart when husbands return from war, but can never seem to return to their family. I have seen many a strong marriage crumble under the pressure.

Much like Fireproof, I loved the realness in this movie--- even more so knowing that it was in fact based on a true story. Like I said, real love stories have their ups and their downs--- and without faith, without work--- we can all too easily allow those downs to destroy us. This is a movie that ALL married couples should see, but especially those living the military life and dealing with all that goes with that.

Ready to experience this fantastic movie for yourself? Indivisible will be available in theaters nationwide Oct 26th:

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