Sunday, September 2, 2018

Vinyl vs Laminate Flooring: Which Should You Choose?

The most practical flooring solutions in every home is broken down into vinyl and laminate. Homeowners are often flustered when choosing between vinyl and laminate flooring as they offer the same benefits. Actually, both of these types of flooring give an advantage when it comes to cost and maintenance. Both types of highly durable. They are less costly than expensive materials like hardwood and tile.
Here is a comparison between vinyl and laminate flooring to help you make up your decision.
1. Composition
Vinyl flooring is made of 100% plastic whereas laminate is made of 99% wood. Vinyl has a superior resistance to moisture because it is made of plastic while laminate does not have the same resistance as vinyl because it is made of wood.
2. Cost
Budget wise, no need for headaches when choosing either vinyl or laminate. Both vinyl and laminate flooring are less expensive as compared to any other flooring options. The cost factor would depend mainly on the style, texture, and design of either vinyl or laminate you will be choosing.
3. Installation
Both types of flooring are easy to install so there is no need to hire a pro and incur extra fees. Vinyl planks are used by most homeowners because they are very easy to install. Laminate flooring requires an
additional moisture underlayment and you have to cut the laminate to fit the floor. It may sound
complicated but with tons of instructional videos online, you can easily do it yourself on a weekend.
4. Durability
When you have kids and pets at home, you might prefer vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring is more durable
as compared to laminate because it is water resistant. Laminate has air gaps in it and can get damaged
due to moisture.
5. Applications
Vinyl tiles can be used anywhere in your house whereas laminate flooring is not ideal in areas which
have high moisture and humidity such as bathrooms and kitchen.


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