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Save Your Time & Sanity with Grocery Delivery from Instacart

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Grocery shopping with kids.

Yikes! Be honest, how many of you shuddered at the very thought? I know I do. It seems every time we head into the store it's, 'Can I have this? Can I have that? Mommy, I have to potty! Are we done yet!?'

It's exhausting. Thankfully these days, we have many options available to us that can help with just that. Today, we're talking about one of those options, Instacart!

So, how does Instacart work?

It's simple. After you've created your account, you simply choose the store you would like to buy your groceries from, fill your cart and schedule a delivery in as little as an hour or up to a week in advance. The participating stores vary by area. For instance, in my area  can choose from Fresh Thyme Farmers Market, Kroger, Meijer, and CVS. Once your order is places, someone will do your shopping for you, and deliver your items right to your door. Sounds simple enough, right? It truly is... you don't even have to get out of your PJs to shop!

How much does it cost?

Perhaps the biggest concern with grocery delivery comes with the cost. One of the things I love about Instacart over other grocery delivery services is that it gives you options. The first is a membership with Instacart Express. This option gives you FREE delivery on all purchases of $35 or more, as well as other perks like delivery from multiple stores in one order and no busy pricing at peak times. This is going to be an ideal option if you plan to use the service all the time and don't want to have to pay a delivery fee every time. Only need the occasional grocery delivery? Maybe you want an option when the kids are sick or if the car is in the shop, but won't need it weekly or even monthly. In those instances, paying for an annual membership might not make much sense. You can still shop Instacart WITHOUT a membership fee, and just pay a delivery fee for each order.

As far as the cost of food, Instacart tries to provide the same prices you would find in store, however sometimes items do cost more. One of the things I noticed and appreciated was that each store will tell you upfront if prices are higher than in store. This can help you decide where to shop... or at least prepare you for such. Store sales and coupons are not currently honored, BUT they do offer a variety of deals exclusive to Instacart.

Is it worth it?

This is a question that only you can answer for your own family... but in my experience? Yes! Personally, I do not have a car and have a husband that works a lot. Getting to the store isn't always an option. Aside from that, taking my autistic child into the store can present challenges all on its own. So, while I may end up paying a little more for the convenience, for our family it just makes sense! As it does for so many others--- be it to due limited mobility, illness, young children, lack of transportation or just lack of time to shop! Instacart truly does make life easier!

Click below to learn more about Instacart and to try out grovery delivery for yourself.

Have you tried a grocery delivery service? What were your thoughts? How can Instacart benefit YOUR family? 


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