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Illustrated Faith Revival Camp: Route & Prepare

I have so been enjoying working my way through the August Illustrated Faith Revival Camp Kit, and today I'm sharing my experience on the previous two weeks.

Week 5: Route

I am what you might call... direction-ally challenged.

That's right, I could get lost going to the same places I had been twenty times over. Directions just aren't my thing. If there is only one modern technology that I absolutely have to have it would be GPS. I'd quite literally be lost without it.

In life and in faith, sometimes we need that GPS too... to show us the best path to take: God's path. As Psalm 23 reads, "Show me the way I should do, for to You I entrust my life." While we might not have an actual GPS saying 'turn here', when we study the Bible and pray, God will show us the path.

For this page, I created a very simple look to share this message... a reminder to always follow HIS path, not my own. It was not a fancy page by any means, but I loved mixing and matching some of the elements from the various kits.

Week 6: Prepare

I remember when I went to camp as a child, I would start preparing weeks before. I'd get my list on what to bring, decide on outfits, buy my supplies, pack it all up. By the time the day to leave would arrive, everything was completely prepared to go.

We prepare the kids to start a new school year, we prepare for a new baby, we prepare for a move. For anything big in our lives, we spend the time to get ready. The same should certainly be true when we set off on a new adventure, a new path with God. We prepare through prayer, we prepare through research of the Bible, we prepare by putting on the armor of God and we prepare by surrendering our plans to God's for us.

For this page, I wanted to incorporate my favorite way to prepare: checklists, so I included a fun checklist style look using some of the included stamps. In the past, I've also mentioned how I try to use all aspects of the kits. In fact, I'd even held onto the tissue paper they came wrapped in with the plan to try to incorporate them into my pages somehow, and so I used that to create a background for this page. Now, I must admit that it didn't turn out as I would like, but I wanted to share this page anyway because this is the reality of journaling: it's not always perfect... and that's okay! 

Stay tuned for the next addition as I share weeks 7 & 8, also from the August kit.

Want to join in? The August Revival Camp kit is currently still available on Dayspring.



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