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Highlights from Revival Camp So Far {+ A Look at September's Revival Camp Kit}

**Kit received for consideration as part of Dayspring's Illustrated Faith Launch Team. Post contains affiliate links, and I will receive a small commission for any purchases made after clicking on links. All thoughts are 100% my own.
As the saying goes... all good things must come to an end. As the leaves begin to change and the summer fades into fall, so come the final few weeks of Illustrated Faith's Revival Camp devotional series.

If you've ever been to camp yourself, you know how those last couple of days can be. Bittersweet. On the one hand, you miss your own bed and your family and you look forward to seeing them again. On the other hand, you're not quite ready to say goodbye to the fun yet. You're having such a blast on your adventures and building beautiful relationships, and it's hard to let that go. This ending of Revival Camp is very much like that. I'm excited to see new things to come... but am so enjoying it and learning so much that I'm sad to see it go too.

Still though, just like at summer camp as kids--- there's still more to celebrate. Today, I'm celebrating the final few weeks of Revival Camp by sharing some of the highlights from the previous two months so far.

  • Trail Mix. With these kits, I have really tried to think outside the box and get creative. One way in doing that is trying to use all aspects of the kits. On this page, I loved how the idea of fellowship so appropriately worked with trail mix. Just like that delicious snacks--- the individual pieces (or people) might be just fine on their own but put them together? Even better!

  • God's Path. This page- simple though it may be- is perhaps my favorite all around page from Revival Camp so far. Yes, the message is great--- but style wise I feel like it turned out best. I loved the layering of die cuts and just how well the elements worked together in the end.

  • Something New. As I said, I've really tried to think outside the box with this series and one of the most outside the box ideas I experimented with was doing a little embroidery in my Bible. I loved how beautifully this fit in with the camp theme--- putting me in mind of friendship bracelets that we so often exchanged! 

These might be my favorites SO FAR... but there are still plenty of pages to be created and so much more to learn in these final weeks. Today, the final addition of the Revival Camp Devotional Kits is now available. Let's take a look:

Items included in this kit:

  • 1 camp sticker
  • 3 2"x2" embroidered patches with cloth bag
  • 1 washi tape
  • 1 4"x6" sheet of clear stamps
  • 1 sheet of acetate Shapes
  • 1 sheet of diecut pieces
  • 3 devotionals
  • 1 enamel pin
  • 1 surprise 'Trail Mix' from Shanna
  • 1 thank you card from Shanna
  • Packaged in a box with pink tissue and sticker

So, what's different in this kit? Two new products never before seen in any Illustrated Faith kits! First, the pin. Each kit in the Revival Camp series has offered some type of fun extra. This month it's this cute pin. Fun, right? The other new addition are the adorable acetate shapes. These stunning clear butterflies  punch out and can be attached with glue or stapled in. Can we just admire how adorable these are for a moment!? I LOVE THEM! They are certainly a fun addition to this camp kit, and I cannot wait to use them. Like previous kit, this one includes a fun trail mix put together by Shanna Noel, but it varies from month to month. This month's featured a cute little paper clip and a cute double sided card. This is an ideal paint card, but to be honest, it's so cute that I'm not certain that I personally can bring myself to use it as such!

Many features have remained from previous kits- a camp sticker, the patches, the stamps, the washi, the die cuts, etc. All still perfectly coordinating with the previous kits, but each standing on their own too.

My favorite part of September's kit!? The washi! This is another fantastic washi design from Freckled Fawn, and I just cannot get enough. I LOVE plaid. Personally, I always think of plaid with fall so I love how this is a great print to take us into those final summer/early fall days!

This is a GORGEOUS kit, and I cannot wait to jump in. Will you join me? It doesn't matter if you've been following Revival Camp since July, or this will be your first month, it's NEVER too late to start! The September Revival Camp is available to purchase at Dayspring now. Don't forget to use code IFSHIPSFREE for free shipping on all your Illustrated Faith purchases.



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