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Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall: Cloth Diapering Through the Seasons

In the summer months, cloth diapering is especially fun isn't it? No need for pants on those hot days, just throw on a little tee to match your little one's diaper and you're done! But summer is quickly ending which means cooler weather will soon arrive. It's time to cover those legs...and the bums! Unfortunately, some find that cloth diapering in cool weather can be a bit more difficult. Pants just don't fit as they should with those fluffy bottoms, which can lead to compression leaks and frustration. What's the cloth diapering mama to do? Here are a few tips to surviving cloth when the weather turns...

  • Leg Warmers. It may be getting cooler, but there is still plenty of time for leg warmers! Until the frigid cold hits, they provide just the right amount of warmth (depending on your area of course!). Coordinate them with a cute top and let those diapers show for a few months longer!!
  • Dresses for the Girls. I love putting my daughter in dresses all year long. First of all, they're ridiculously cute, but when cloth diapering, they're much easier as far as sizing goes! Leg warmers, tights or leggings add some extra warmth underneath, or on warmer fall days a longer dress should be just fine!
  • Ditch the Jeans. For many babies, my daughter included. Jeans just will not work out. Between her chunky thighs and her fluffy bum...it's a losing battle. And one we decided just wasn't worth it. Even if we could get them on, the tight fit could lead to compression leaks...no fun for anyone! Instead, we opt to go for stretchier options. Stretch cotton leggings look adorable and leave more room for diapers!
  • Made for Cloth Jeans. For us, ditching the jeans was not a big deal...but if you still prefer them, they DO make jeans specifically for the cloth diapered baby! Companies like Project Pomona offer a variety of jeans that leave more room for any type of diaper while giving that jean style that moms love!
  • Size Up. Perhaps the easiest way to deal with fall baby fashion is to buy a size larger than you normally would. If baby is typically in 12 months but they don't fit well over the diaper (or you finding yourself dealing with leaks when using microfiber), try 18 months. That little extra bit of room can make all the difference!! If length should be an issue, just roll the hems...or hem them yourself if you're crafty!!

Cloth diapering in cooler weather may require a bit more planning, but that doesn't mean it you should give it up! Follow these easy suggestions and you'll be cloth diapering with ease all through the year!

What tips do YOU have for keeping baby in cloth during the cooler months?


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