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Get Creative with Projects from Thunder Bay Press {+ A Giveaway Hop Event}

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Life can get hectic can't it? There's always one thing to do or another, and the stress can be more than a little overwhelming. We need something to help us decompress... give us an outlet for some of that nervous energy.

Many, myself included, find crafting to be that much needed outlet. There is something about creating that is both entertaining and relaxing that helps us to break away from real life for awhile.

Today, I'm sharing two great new project books that can help us get creative:


Handwriting meets art in this guide to adding a touch of flair each time you put pen to paper.

Add your own creative flourishes to any handwritten note, sign, or piece of art by using the techniques in Hand Lettering. This kit includes a 64-page project book with suggestions and examples of how you can put a little flair into any written word. How-to sections provide useful information on font selection, must-have supplies, and practice techniques. Get your creative gears spinning, and you’ll soon master your own unique style of lettering!

One of my personal favorite ways to relax is through Bible journaling- a topic I discuss often. Another topic I speak about often? My lack of lettering skills! Seriously, I'm just the worst at it. Needless to say, this book was very much needed and I was excited to dive in. And I absolutely loved it! It introduced a variety of styles of hand lettering from your basic calligraphy to more artsy projects too. Some styles went through with step by step instructions on how to create the styles, whereas others just gave examples as inspiration. I personally loved both aspects. Those how tos gave me the fundamental skills to just get started, whereas the examples gave me an idea of what to strive for and practice towards.

Not only does it teach you the how, but it also provides the tools to get started. In addition to the project book, it included 12 markers and a drawing pencil. I loved the variety of colors provided, giving me a ton of options to use in my journaling both for lettering and other coloring projects.

I am loving this book so far, and look forward to seeing improvement in my journaling projects thanks to this fantastic set. Whether you're looking to improve hand lettering for journaling, chalkboards, you planner or just because, this is certainly one set worth checking out.

The Hand Lettering Art Set & Project Book is available to purchase now.


Create masterpieces to display with the 8 gel pens provided in this amazing kit!
Design intricate patterns, embellishments, decorations, and more with the eight amazing gel pens contained in this kit! The pictures will jump off the page with the vivid gel pen colors. With instructional hints to make your designs uniquely you and plenty of pages waiting for a creative touch, this kit is a wonderful gift for artists of all kinds. With tear-out pages so you can display your masterpieces when you’re finished, this kit has everything you need to become the next gel pen Picasso!

Coloring can be not just a great creative outlet, but a great stress relief as well. This fun set again gives you everything you need with the fun coloring book and set of 8 gel pens. Now, I must admit I have a love/hate relationship with gel pens. When they work, they look great... but I've tried so many that were... well, a miss! They didn't seem to color evenly or the colors just weren't as vivid as I'd hoped. So, I was excited to try this out, but apprehensive at the same time. I was very pleasantly surprised at how well they worked! They went on smoothly, and the colors were fantastic.

But most importantly, the coloring book was pretty fantastic as well. It had beautiful intricate designs that I couldn't help but love. One thing that I really loved is that while the designs were very detailed, they weren't super tiny as I'd seen in a few of my other adult coloring books. I have issues with my hands so there were some pages in other books where I found that those minuscule details were very difficult to do without pain. These were enough that it created a challenge, but still not impossible. As a matter of fact, my 5-year-old was even able to color the pages quite well too. (Though to be honest, she's pretty good at coloring for her age!) This truly is a great set for ALL ages, young and old!

Whether you're just starting out with this style of coloring, or are just looking for a great addition to your collection, this is certainly one to see. The Kaleidescope Fabulous Gel Pen Coloring Kit is available to purchase now.

And as part of the Hello Autumn Giveaway Hop, one very lucky winner is going to win a prize pack featuring both books. Enter using the giveaway form below:


  1. What a fun way to relax!


  2. Ahhh this is my momcation time! I love my relax goodies! I do not own these so would love to own them!

  3. Great giveaway!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. My daughter would love this. A nice way to relax. Very nice coloring set, prefect for a teenage girl.

  5. nice way to relax without any TV/computer/phone etc

  6. I've been trying to get better with my hand lettering...and you found my weakness...gel pens!!

  7. This is such a great prize pack. Thanks for the chance to win!


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