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Send Your Teen Girl Back to School Confidently with Knixteen #backtoschool

**This is a sponsored post written by myself on behalf of Knixteen. All thoughts are 100% my own.

As a young teen, I loved to read magazines. Seventeen, CosmoGirl, you name it...I would devour it. I'd find the greatest fashion and beauty tips. I'd read the dating columns despite my lack of dating at that time. I'd read all about what was new and current...and of course, I'd check out all those reader submitted embarrassing stories. Does anyone else remember those? This section was always filled with tales of foot in mouth talking to the crush, wardrobe malfunctions and of course the dreaded untimely and unexpected monthly visitor.

That section terrified me! Seriously, I'm sure the idea was to let us know that mishaps of all kinds happened to the best of us, and it's better to laugh than stress about it... but for me, it did the opposite.  I just knew that one day I would end up in this section with a story of my own. And I feared it. Having 'that time of the month' at school and the whole world finding out because of a leak... that was my worst teenage nightmare.

Can you relate?

As a mom to a daughter, I want to make sure that when those days come up in the future, that I prepare her in the best way possible so that she can feel confident and secure every day in a way that I was not. Today I'm sharing three simple tips to help us prepare our daughters:

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Be Prepared- Stock Up!
Keep all the supplies they need readily available both at home and on the go. Don't just rely on just bringing them in a purse--- keep spares in your locker, a pencil pouch, etc... just so they don't have to remember it each and every day. Perhaps the best way to avoid leaks is to always have just what you need on hand.

Don't Let It Sneak Up- Track It! 
Teaching our daughter to track their periods is a great way to take some of the worry out of it. You can of course use a plain ol' calendar, but these days there are a TON of great apps they can put right on their smartphone that will help them estimate when they can be expected to start, end, etc. These apps are great because they do adjust to previous data and update expected dates accordingly. And don't worry, most apps give an option to require a pass code, so no one will be able to see all their business!

Avoid Leaks with Knixteen!
Have a daughter who is worried about leaks at school? Knixteen provides period underwear with teens in mind:

We created Knixteen ‘Oh-No’ Proof Underwear because we believe your period shouldn’t stop you from doing awesome stuff. We’re your back-up protection against inevitable leaks, odor, and moisture, meaning you can stay confident no matter what time of the month it is. Whether you’re bringing your period to school, the big soccer game, the movies, or a sleepover – bring us too.

I know what you're thinking... where were these when WE were teens!? It certainly would have curbed some of those 'Oh no' magazine inspired nightmares! But, how does it work? Why choose Knixteen for your teens?

  • Prevents leaks. Knixteen panties feature a unique 'Oh No' Proof Technology that help to prevent leaks.  It's basically like having a liner built right in! They were not designed to be used in place of other feminine products, but rather WITH them, providing back up protection. They can even be used on days leading up to, and days following... just in case! 
  • Keeps away the stink. Sometimes periods can leaving us feeling...well, less than fresh. Knixteen feature an odor -crushing technology that can keep you feeling fresh and clean throughout! 
  • Keeps away moisture. Whether your teen is doing sports, or just dealing with everyday heat and yuck, Knixteen features a LYCRA SPORT material helps wick away moisture so they will feel dry and comfortable no matter what life brings at them. 
  • No lines. For teens or adults alike, no one likes underwear lines! These offer a seamless look that will look great with anything... no annoying panty lines to worry about. 
Sound pretty great, right? These days, teens have enough to worry about and period leaks should not be one of them. I love that Knixteen is changing that experience for young girls everywhere. They can be prepared and feel confident for back to school and beyond.

Want to send your daughter back to school with confidence? Head on over and find out how you can try out period panties from Knixteen this back to school season. 


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