Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Illustrated Faith Revival Camp: Explore & Prayer

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Did you ever attend camp as a child/teen?

For me as a teenager, camp was the highlight of my summer. I attended a Christian camp a few hours from home that truly changed my life. I met wonderful people, I learned what it meant to truly worship, and I felt my relationship with Christ grow.

When I learned of the new Revival Camp devotional kit from Illustrated Faith, I was thrilled to bring those camp memories and experiences into my journaling. Today, I'm sharing my experiences journaling through the first few weeks.

Before jumping into the weekly devotions, I decided to create sort of an intro page. This kit featured a fantastic stamp set, and I loved the idea of creating a simple page featuring the 'patch stamps'. I colored these in with some cheap colored pencils (not much pigment). I'm not super comfortable using stamps--- I never seem to get them quite right, but I'd been wanting to attempt to color some stamps in, so this was a good one to start with. A very simple page, but a fun way to start.

Week One: Explore

Now, I must admit I'm not one that would be considered much of an explorer in the typical sense of the word. I'm not one to head out into the woods and just see where it takes me. But I so explore through reading- traveling to far off places with the turn of the page. Likewise, when we read the Bible, we are exploring God's plan for us- with the ultimate compass at our side.

For this page, I loved the green and blues in the included patch so I played upon those with a watercolor background. I added a piece of ribbon found in the 'trail mix' from this month's kit (a small selection of pieces selected by Illustrated Faith creator Shanna Noel herself). I love how it added a little bit of contrast. This is the first time I had used any patches in my journaling, but I was please with how it turned out. I attached with a basic school glue and was uncertain how it would hold, but so far, so good.

I've really been trying to step out of my comfort zone and try new things in my journaling--- layering different elements, etc. so this was a great chance to do just that. It may not be a perfect page, but turned out to be my favorite of my first 3 pages anyway!

Week Two: Prayer

Is there anything more important in our walks as Christians than prayer? Communication is they key to any relationship, so why is our relationship with God any different? Still, sometimes we aren't the best communicators, are we? We feel like prayers should be reserved for the big things... or perhaps even feel like we should be doing more than just praying. Sometimes though, that's all we can do... and you know what? That truly is a lot!

For this page, I really wanted to focus on that idea that prayer DOES matter. I does change things, and it is important. Does that mean that we shouldn't still go out and DO when we can? Of course not, but we also should not feel like we aren't doing enough when it is all we have left to give. Prayer matters, it works, and that is the message I wanted to convey here. Again I used different elements from the kit to create this simple page... layering a sticker and die cut, using this fabulous wood grain washi, and of course these fun little buttons (another cute addition from the trail mix!).

Two weeks in and I am already loving this kit. Unfortunately, this particular kit has already sold out but that doesn't mean you cannot still join in the Revival Camp fun. Check out the Illustrated Faith Pop Up Group on Facebook to follow along without the kit, and stay tuned for August's Revival Camp Kit coming soon. While these kits go together very well, you do NOT need this first to continue on. I will post updates on this kit as they become available. Be sure to look out for that, as it could sell out quickly as well!



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