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My Secret for Saving BIG on Fashion: Grab Bags!

I love fashion! I am constantly finding myself heading to my favorite online boutiques just to see the latest and greatest styles.

But I'm also on a tight budget.

As much as I love those adorable boutique styles, I simply cannot afford to pay $20-30 on one top or upwards of $50 for one dress. When I recently needed to do a complete wardrobe overhaul, I wasn't sure what to do. Normally I would head to my local thrift stores, but my favorite one had closed and (having no vehicle), I didn't have a great one in walking distance. So I went online searching for the best deals I could get... and boy did I find the deals! Today, I'm sharing my secret for getting boutique deals SUPER cheap...

Fashion Grab Bags.

You remember grab bags as kids, right? They were filled with fun surprises for a great price... but you never knew exactly what you might get. Fashion grab bags are basically the same concept. Boutiques will take pieces they have just a few left of and offer them in grab bags. You choose the the size, and they choose the styles. Most of the grab bags I have purchased come out to about $10-15 after coupons for 3 pieces--- that's $3-5 per piece! This is cheaper than what many thrift stores charge for used and these are brand new. Before making the decision to purchase, here are some tips and things to consider:

  • Typically speaking, grab bags are available in S,M,L sizes. I have seen some in larger sizes and also a few in XS as well, but the largest majority seem to offer these three basic sizes. While MOST items I have received have been tops or dresses, they CAN include pants too, so if you wear one size on top and a different on the bottom, that is something to consider. Also, if you are between sizes, they might not be your best option. I am very much a solid size small (or xsmall, but again this size isn't always offered), so for me, it works out very well. I would say if you're between sizes and still want to give it a try, it'd likely be best to size up.
  • Before placing your order, take a look around the site to get to know the styles that they carry. While the actual pieces may vary greatly, this gives you a better idea of what type of styles COULD be. For me, if I wouldn't be willing to wear MOST of it-say 75% or more- I look elsewhere. 
  • Consider how much you're willing to pay, knowing that you may not love every piece. For me, I will not pay more than $5 per piece, so about $15 per grab bag. This is a fairly standard price, but there are some that get up closer to $30-$40. These can still be great prices of course, but for ME, if I'm going to spend that much, I want to know exactly what I'm getting.
  • Keep in mind that all sales on grab bags are final. There are no returns and no exchanges. Makes sense, right? Part of the great deal is the mystery and so there is no guarantee that you will love it or that it will fit properly. That's why those first two tips are so important! Still, despite these policies, if there is a mistake on THEIR end, every company I have shopped from does make it right. I had one instance where there was a manufacture's defect (the seam had not been sewn entirely). The company sent a replacement piece right out. Another time (different company), the wrong size had been sent by mistake. Again, they made it right (and allowed me to gift the other pieces). So, while you won't be able to return due to sizing or taste, there is peace of mind in that anyway! 
  • If you know you plan to order more than one, order them together. Most companies will make sure that you don't receive duplicate pieces when you order multiples IF they are purchased together. With separate orders, that isn't always the case. 
  • Be open minded when you open your packages. I'll be honest, I've pulled out a few pieces that I initially thought weren't quite me--- not something I might have picked on my own anyway. BUT I gave them a shot and ended up loving them. Grab bags aren't just a great way to save money, but also to step out of your comfort zone and try styles you might not have before. You never know what you might fall in love with! 
  • Don't forget to check for coupons. While some sites may not allow you to use coupons on these sale items, many WILL. Add these on for even more savings. I usually purchase mine at 25-30% off! Check Facebook, Instagram, sign up for emails...or of course check your favorite coupon code sites.
I know that all sounds great, but if you're still wondering about styles, take a look at just a few pieces I've gotten from my grab bag purchases:
This entire outfit was created with grab bag items from Fancy Frills Boutique.

Another Fancy Frills grab bag... this fantastic lacy detail dress has become favorite of mine! Added bonus-- I saw this same dress at a different boutique going for $40! Talk about a bargain! 

This cute little bell sleeve top is not only adorable but also super comfy too! And very much on trend! I believe this might have been from BBStyled, but it may be another from Fancy Frills as well. 

If you're ready to try them out yourself, take a look at your favorite boutique and see if they have any. My personal go to? Fancy Frills Boutique. The large variety of my current wardrobe is from this boutique and I've always loved my grab bag purchases--- a great variety of on trend tops and dresses, even a few pairs of shorts. They seem to almost always have them available, though they do go in and out of stock. They also tend to have great coupons often.

I've also had great luck with  BBStyled Boutiqe, though they do not currently have grab bags in stock. (Generally speaking, they have really great deals aside from their grab bags as well!) I've also purchased a grab bag from White Plum, and while their styles are not my personal preference, it was pretty good too!

Have you tried fashion grabs? Love them, hate them? What are your favorite stores to purchase them from? Any tips to share? 


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