Monday, July 16, 2018

How To Save Up to 99% With BESTEK Group Buys {Prices Starting at Just $0.01!}

**This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of BESTEK Group Buys. All thoughts are 100% my own. 

I love a good deal!

Bargain shopping for me isn't JUST a necessity, but a hobby too. I love looking for a great deal. I love finding insane clearance sales. I love finding amazing yard sale or thrift store finds. I love clipping some coupons. In all the ways I've found to save money throughout the years, I love them all. There's just a sense of satisfaction that comes with it, right?

Today, I'm sharing another way to save money on our electronic needs: BESTEK Group Buys.

So, what is a group buy?

Some of you might have already heard of group buys--- perhaps even participated in some in the past. Personally I've seen them fairly often on things like cloth diapers or children's boutique items. Simply put, you buy WITH a group to bring the prices down. The more that buy, the more you save. Makes sense, right? For many of us, we already love sharing massive deals with our friends and families, so why not save together? With BESTEK, sharing allows you to potentially save up to 99% and get great items like car electronics, power chargers, home appliances and digital accessories, etc for as low as a PENNY!.

How do BESTEK Group Buys work?

BESTEK Group Buys offer three different options to best suit your needs. Let's take a look:

Basic 2-Member Group Buy

 This is a great option if you don't have a huge group, but know one other person who would like to save. The savings are not as deep, but savings are savings, right?  To start, you will head over to the website and create an account or login to your existing account. Check out the list of items available and click 'start group buy'. From there, select '2 person group buy' and then 'start group buy' on the product page. This takes you to your checkout where you will pay. Invite your friend to join and get the same discount. When both parties have ordered, items will be shipped.

$1 5-Member Group Buy Mode 

If you're looking for more savings than the 2-person group but still aren't sure about getting a larger group together, this option is for you! Only 4 additional people are needed for this group buy. The person who starts the buy will get the product for just $1. The other four members will get the items at a given 5-member discount. 

Setting up the 5-Member Group Buy is very similar to the 2-member. Head to product list, find the product you need, select 'start group buy' to be taken to the product page. Once there, select the '5 person buy', then select 'start group buy'. Pay. Once you have 4 more people added and purchased within the given time frame, your orders will ship. 

Price Cut Mode

Now, if you like a CRAZY deal, and know you have a lot of friends who like to save big too the Price Cut Mode is for YOU. It will offer the largest savings, BUT will take more people and more work to reach your minimum orders. Still, if you're up for the challenge, it can certainly pay off big. The person starting the Price Cut Group Buy can get that item for $0.01. I mean seriously guys, a PENNY! Crazy, right? Invite as many friends as possibly to successfully drop price to $0.01. Each invitee can help cut the price at different amounts randomly.

Again, the process is basically the same. Login, visit product list and click 'start group buy'. From the product page, select the price cut option and then select 'start group buy'. Pay and share, share, share with as many people as possible to drop the price. Once the price has reached the price cut price, items will ship.

Sounds, simple enough...right?

But, what if my Group Buy Fails?

The big question is--- what happens if you cannot get enough people to purchase from your group buy? Regardless of the size selected, if your buy does not reach the minimum number of buyers before the allotted time frame ends, the order will simply be cancelled. Your money (and all those who did opt in) will be returned. So really, there's no harm in trying, right?

Ready to get started? Head on over to BESTEK to get started today! 


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