Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Always Enough, Never Too Much {A Devotional Review + Giveaway}

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Here's a little something to think about today...

We're all a bunch of liars!

Now wait just a minute before you close out this post and hear me out! I'm not saying that we are constantly telling lies to the people around us--- making up crazy stories to cover up the truth, no not at all. But when it comes to what we tell ourselves about ourselves!? Oh yes, the biggest liars in the world!

You're not pretty enough. You're not thin enough. You're not successful enough.
You're too old to change. You're too forgetful. You're too goofy.

Isn't it interesting how the lies we tell ourselves usually are one of these two things? We are either TOO MUCH, or NOT ENOUGH. The reality is however, that NEITHER of these is true and today I'm sharing a fantastic devotional that helps to remind us of just that- Always Enough, Never Too Much:

We’ve all been there. We know that sneaking, small voice in our heads all too well—you’re too loud. Too quiet. Too young. Too old. Too unimportant. Too ugly. Too silly. Too serious. You’re not as successful as she is—look at her perfect family, look at her high-powered job, look at her great hair and size 4 skinny jeans. Why can’t you be more like her—be more in general? Why do you expect so much from everyone? Why can’t you take up less space? Ask for less? Be less? The lies track well-worn paths in our minds and our hearts, wearing us down and making us question our role in God’s kingdom. 
Jess Connolly and Hayley Morgan, bestselling authors of Wild and Free will help you replace those lies with God's truth. This devotional flip-book is designed for you, the woman who feels like she can be both too much and not enough—sometimes in the same day. When you  banish lies and insecurities and find your identity in Jesus, you can embrace these truths: You are always enough. You are never too much.

First and foremost, I must say I love this book. As I flipped through the different topics covered in this book, I found myself relating to so many. These are all of my insecurities and self told lies--- all rolled into one easy to read book.

The first thing that set this book apart was the format--- it's a flip book. Now, I don't know about you, but I haven't read a flip book since I was a child (or read them to my child anyway), it's not something we see very often for adult books but for this topic, it WORKED. One the one side we have the 'never enough' which looks at different ways in which we try to convince ourselves that we are not good enough. This side tells us that we are always enough 'even when'... On the flip side, for those moments we find ourselves thinking we are just too much, it reminds us that we are never too much 'even when'.

While many devotionals are read day to day in order, this one can be read a little bit different. You CAN read day to day if that's what you'd prefer, but each side gives you an index with the topics covered so that you can flip right to the subject you need to read THAT day. Feeling rundown and tired? You can go right to that section that reminds you that you are 'always enough even when you don't have enough energy'. Being someone who likes to read Bible verses/stories that relate to where I am in that moment, this is a huge plus for me. No matter which side you flip to or what topic you're reading, they all start with a Bible verse and offer biblical teaching on the subject at hand. They are very easy to follow and quick to read-- about 2-3 pages each.

While I have not read through the entire book just yet, I am loving what I've seen so far. For the insecure girl in me, it's just what I need! Do you need a little encouragement as well? It is available to purchase now at your favorite Christian book retailers.

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